How to improve short term memory

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Just need your advice, as usual…

I’ve decided to challenge myself (what else I can do being in a lock down) while at work. A part of my job is to do a series of simple calculations using a few formulas. Usually I use a piece of paper but now I want to use my brain only.

What I am doing is I’m trying to visulise a blackboard or a piece of paper and trying to mentally write all calcualtions using an imaginary pen how I would normally do on a real piece of paper. It’s going alright for a few seconds but I struggle to remember results of previous calulations.

Ideally I would like to be able to see the set of my calculations on an imaginary blackboard for let say five minutes. And then to forget it and create a new one.

Any suggestions how would you approach this task?


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I would prepare few memory palaces to store intermediate calculations as images encoded by Major , PAO or Dominic number systems

Instead of memory palace you can use your grid system room walls (ghost images would be an issue , so maybe have group of rooms to iterate on them)

Tell us did you try any mnemonics to tackle this project?

I had a look at Dominic system, even used Anki to memorise pictures of people and corresponding numbers but found it difficult because some people Dominic suggested I did not know and needed to use Wikipedia to get some info about them and only then I was able to memorise both the name and the number.
I will follow your advice and get back to Dominic system and will try to use it in conjustion with a memory palace. It looks like it’s the onlyway to tackle the problem.
Thanks a lot!