how to improve loci?


I made several palaces and linked them together to make a single 1000 step journey. I decided it was time to stop expanding and spend more time on improving my palaces. What methods do you use to make your loci stronger/faster/memorable?

so far I haved used the following techniques.

  • empty walks, thus walking through the journey without placing images (try to do this daily now)
  • adding more realism (visiting loci IRL and studying photographs)
  • adding fantasy elements (put an apple pie in your oven or put the eifel tower in your garden if it helps)


Skip the stations mentally. This tends to make your use of the Memory Palaces much stronger. It also puts the serial positioning effect into play, which is a key part of entering the memorized info into long term memory.


Thanks for the comment. It is a lot of work to go through all of them but it really helps. Lately I am able to make longer chains without review. Could be related to practising my loci more. I go through them with a metronome at 60 per minute. But that means 1000 seconds to do the entire journey. But no pain no gain :wink:


Can you explain what you mean by “skit the stations”? I’m not sure I understand. Thanks!