How to improve cards memorization?


I have recently completed PAO list for memorizing cards. I’m still training myself to be able instantly visualize any card into my set of PAO. The recall time for all my preset PAO images takes nearly 1 minute.

In ML, I tried to memorize cards, only able to memorize 9 cards in 1 minute. I was curious to know if I would be able to memorize the whole pack of cards, so I tried to memorize on Memoriad PC software. I use a familiar building with 50 loci for my images to be attached. The experience with memorizing cards on ML made me realize that it takes me long to associate P A & O. So I tried only PO or PA to memorize a whole pack of cards.

This is my first time trying to memorize 52 cards.
My problems

  1. I wasn’t able to finish visualizing all cards in 5 min.
  2. Although I did PA or PO, I could only remember both in some loci, for some I could remember only P. So obviously my association is weak.

So my questions
What was your experience with memorizing cards and how did you come to improve?
How can I make better associations?
PAO seems a little bit out of hand for me right now and how can I reach it?


If you didn’t already see it, you can take longer that 1 minute on Memory League. Click on the “Custom” tab and then set the memorization time to whatever you want. In the screenshot below, I set the memorization and recall to 30 minutes as an example.

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I think the idea of using PAO is to only use 18 loci, so each 3 cards goes in one loci using the P, the A and the O for each of them. Check out this video:
How to Memorize a Deck of Cards (Fastest Way taught by Memory Champion) - YouTube
I used this method and I am able to memorize an entire deck of 52 cards. The best time I had was like 9 minutes though. I asked the author of the video how to get much faster and he said you have to work on it for about an hour a day. I don’t have that much time to devote to it so I will have to be satisfied with 9 minutes for now.