How to implement a correct strategy to use Memory Palaces in academic studies

Hello everyone, found this blog about a year ago, but I’m discovering its true potential only nowadays. Btw, I’m new to mnemonics in general. I’ve just learned the basics of the Memory Palace, and it scares me a bit.
The concern is mainly about these factors:

  1. how big/specific must a locus be in order to be effective?
  2. Can I use and reuse again the same palace for other sequences of images?
  3. How many palaces can a newby learn per day and how much content in terms of paragraphs/chapters must be inside a single palace?

I’m an italian 25yo student attending IT engineering and my faculty is full of long exams full of details. If there’s any student here that is applying the MP himself for his exams, can you please tell me how many palaces have you build for a single exam on an average term? And how many loci have you put in them?

I know that is quite a subjective matter, but I really need an average number to try to understand if I’m completely off the track or I’m just a noob user.
Thanks a lot for your time :dizzy_face: :exploding_head:

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  1. Size and clarity and not as important as you think. But a good rule of thumb is clear enough that you can vaguely see it in your mind, and big enough to see but not take up your whole imaginary vision.
  2. Yes you can, but only once you have memorized the original information, usually 3-5 days.
  3. As a newbie, I would select five rooms, and five locations in each room for 25 locis. But also be efficient with locis by connecting images together using the chain/link method and then storing that in a loci.
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