How to have clearer visualisation

My visualisations are very murky and blurry. When I try and visualise, I get a sense of what the object is and a blurry image, but I can’t see detail and texture



If you haven’t seen them yet, there are some discussions tagged with #visualization that might have some tips.


Hi! Here’s my experience with that, hope it helps.

Honest attempts I had no progress with (note that these are things i see mentioned in #visualization discussions that did help other people): drawing, image streaming, meditation, pay attention and observe the things you see, just try and visualize things in your daily life, take time to concentrate and conjure up the image of a thing trying to see its details.

What worked for me: look at the image (doesn’t have to be a real object, can be images from a search engine) and concentrate on some feature, then close your eyes and try to reproduce at least that, then reopen eyes and repeat until the reproduced image is good enough so that you could recognize it if you saw it somewhere else. Start with visually vivid kinds of things that you enjoy looking at (for example if you like birds and would like to be able to recognize different kinds, that would be good)

I started with a lot of animals and flowers and cartoon characters, then some famous people and some objects.
In the first attempts I used to mostly have in mind just the concept of that thing and of its positioning in the picture, also clearly hearing their sound if i remembered one, while for the image I’d just see some faint color in a shape that vaguely resembled the original object, but I wouldn’t be able to recognize it if I just saw this mental image.
Now I still don’t have very clear vision especially when in a hurry, but it’s incomparably better than before and now I spontaneously see many things in my mind throughout the day instead of just knowing that i am thinking about them.

Your question seemed to be about the visual sense, but here are extra notes for some other senses:
-I was able to improve tactile sense just by imagining it, without the need of a physical prompt like that for the visual sense.
-I gave up trying to reproduce the feeling of taste and smell in my mind, not even the physical prompt approach works.

Obviously everybody’s different (and evidently, even different senses within the same person are different too!), what works for one may not work for another.
Good luck!


Pick a spot that you can visualize photorealistically from two feet away. Just use your kitchen countertop. Stay very calm and see the countertop.

If the image you want to visualize is a duck, photorealism is impossible until you decide exactly which duck you are trying to see. Stay 18 inches away from it.

If you’re interested in learning the texture (and you should be – kudos!), extend your hands to it and grab it. Pull on it. Feel it.

Getting a sense of how two the textures of objects which contact one another feel will give you an enormous advantage. When I say you can feel the contact of textures, I am describing something like how you can feel a unique textural interaction by rubbing a tennis ball against concrete.

Good luck.


I find it hard to see the space between different objects, and I also find it hard to keep details in my mind. I also find it hard to see in color, i see in a sort of murky shadowy way with a lot of conceptual stuff.

For details I think that this book could help you:

For the space between different objects, artists call that “negative space”: maybe you could try and do some simple drawings where you draw the contours of the negative space instead of concentrating on the objects (that’s actual advice from a great course on drawing).

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