How to handle the forms of word?

When remembering words, I have a handicap which is the form of words.
For example, I did remember a word like “general” but that was what I thought it is.
After checking, I found out that I was wrong, the word is “generalisation”.

This problem (nouns, pronouns, adjective, adverb, verb ext.) is annoying and my progress is doomed.
Once upon a time, I came up with a method which is to recite a list of prefixes.
However, I think it is not quite efficient because of the time limit.
If I need extra time for prefixes memorization, then my reading time of the vocab list shortens.

Could anyone give me some suggestions?

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Since “general” and “generalization” can both be nouns, another idea is to add a second image for the rest of the longer word. An image of an army general could represent the word “general” and the general plus an image that represents “station” could represent “generalization” (“general-in-a-station” or something like that).


Also, with time you get to know which is which, but you’ll still make mistakes, then you’ll figure out what to do about them.

તમે રમૂજી ચિત્રો બનાવશો અને મેમરી પેલેસનો ઉપયોગ કરો છો તે ખૂબ સરળ છે.

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“It’s easy enough for you to create funny pictures and use the Memory Palace.”