How to go about daily use of mind palaces in school and home?

Hi everyone I’m wondering on advice on how to incorporate mind palaces into my daily schedule, I’m a junior in highschool and I really wanna find time to use these to get better and save time. But I hardly have time to practice them? All advice on mind palaces themselves and using them more is appreciated!

All advice is appreciated!

Here Arre some things you can do

  1. Make a dairy/List of all the locations you have in mind which can be used as a memory palace. You can categorise them on the basis of their size/location etc.
    It would be handy when you need to make a memory palace and you won’t have to much think about it.

Keep this diary/list carefully and keep updating with locations.

  1. You should have a routine of at least making one memory palace a day. You can memorise random words, sequence of cards or better, stuff related to your studies (but it will be a little difficult at first). Your aim should be to practice them daily.

  2. Customize the techniques according to you, be creative and modify them as according to your needs. Memory techniques are like painting, you get the tools and draw your own art.

  3. Keep exploring the forum,you will find a lot of cool stuff here.