How to get started with memory palace

Hi. i’ve recently just discovered about te mempry palace and now I can’t wait to put it to use. But I’m as to where I should start. Should I start with remembering Poems? Quotes for famous personalities? I’m confused so any help would be useful.


Start with putting ten objects of your choice…any list of items(book,sun,potato,etc) in the ‘loci’ of the Memory Palace. You can use “Alphabet list” of items if you don’t have items!

If you are successful in retrieving the ten items(or more) easily,then you can take a newspaper. Read an article(easy one). Convert the texts of the articles into images. Then,put those images in the Loci of your Mind Palace…Then,retrieve the images from the loci and try to remember what was written in the article of the newspaper form the retrieved images…

Then,if you are successful in retrieving the article images from you Memory Palace,go to YouTube. Select a video. Do as you did with the newspaper article. Convert the important ideas/words of the video into image and put them in the “loci” of your Memory Palace…Retrieve the images!

Do the same with “ToDO” list. Or,while talking with someone to capture what they said. Or,with a ‘non-fiction’ book!

Do this type exercise and see how you are doing. Where you are stuck and what needs to be improved. For example,try to speed up the recall time!


There are some ideas in the Memory Challenges section.