How to create images for odd numbers i.e 3 or 5 digits through my PAO system?

Hi Memory Hive!,

Any tips / recommendations in creating images for odd numbers.

In my PAO, the images for the following numbers are as follow. Combining the numbers below (40-44-93) would give Peter Griffin shaves burgers. What about numbers like 404 or 40449? How should I create the image?

40 - Peter Griffin (Family Guy Character) punching Chicken Head

44 - Meg Griffin shaves armpits

93 - Charles Boyle flipping burgers


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I have ten 1-digit objects for this. I also have a blank for action and object.

By adding those or soemthibg like it, you have an easy time doing the 3 and 5 digit numbers.

3-digit would be: Person-Blank Action-1digit object
5-digit would be: Person-Action-1digit object


Hah, Maya is natural genius x) I too created PAO images both for 00, 01, 02… and 0, 1, 2, 3. For me 40449 will be Dominic O’Brien, who packs an exclusive airship toy(my association for 9). I think this is only adequate solution in this case. Finding 10 more pictures isn’t a big problem. Good luck!

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Maya to the rescue!! Hope you have been keeping well :).

So just using your example above, for instance if I were to assign a ‘strippers pole’ to 1 (just to make it interesting), so 404 would mean Peter Griffin stripper pole? but what does he do with the pole? just stand next to it?

Hi Attila -24, thanks for the tips as well!

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I assume you would mean 401 :slight_smile:

40 is peter griffin
1 is a stripper pole
And basically we have no action representing a number between those, a blank action. You could have this be a generic action like smoking or singing, or you could turn the void into actions like exploding or erasing.

So peter griffin could be erasing a stripper pole from existance with a huge eraser or so.

Peter griffin - 40
Erasing - blank
Stripper pole - 1
So it would be 401

Some would say that you can also just create a 1-digit action list as well, and add no object. I found that to be confusing myself. I like images to be complete, so when using PAO, I want each image to be a full PAO. If it is incomplete, I wont be sure if it is because I forgot something or because I didnt add it. Therefor I make images to be sure I can create full images.