How to create a categorized memory palace?

Hello everyone. I am new in the forum. And sori for bed England.

Before creating a new topic I searched a lot in the forum to find what I need. There were good advices but mostly they are far away from my purpose. So I need to summarize:

I already created an imaginary memory palace for learning the Latin language. I learned almost 100 words. So I have no doubt that this method works. But in this loci, there is a 20 room on each floor and I put each new word to the first empty room(from left). So I place the words in my learning order.

Now I want to create a palace for all philosophers and their thought systems in chronological order. I want to categorize the loci by the philosopher’s name. The problem is the amount of information of every philosopher is not the same. So I can’t create a floor for each philosopher. And after some time maybe I want to add new information to philosophers (this is the hardest for me).

I remember someone mentioned creating a village but if room/house amount is not fixed (like my Latin palace, each floor has 20 rooms) probably I will forget and I won’t be aware that I forgot. If you any advice, I am grateful to even the smallest help. Thank you.

I use “alphabet peg list” to organize my memory palace,and create category. For example, I would use alphabet “A” for a memory palace and put all philosophers in it whose name has the alphabet “A”. All ideas,activities of Aristotle,Agrippa,etc will be put in the memory palace that has “A” as an identifier…

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I will try this. Thank you