How to calculate square root of complex no in mind

I your introduce you to for some things

  1. |z| = it is known as modulo of z
    It is calculated by √(a^2+b^2) in mind
  2. For calculate square root of complex number
    First you calculate |z| and then
    √ \frac{|z| + real part}{2} + i√\frac{|z| - real part}{2}

Example -
Square root of 7 - 24i
|z| = √(7^2 + 24^2) = √(49+ 576) = √625 = 25

√\frac{25+7}{2} - i√\frac{25-7}{2}
= √16 - i√9
= 4 - 3i is the square root.

Example -
Square root of 8+6i
|z| = √(64+36) = √100 = 10
= √\frac{10+8}{2} + i√\frac{10-8}{2}
= √9 + i√1
= 3+ i is the square root.

If you my written text is not clearly I gave you one picture to this


Great formula! First time for me to see this.

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