How to apply Method of loci on University exams?


Hi, first of all sorry for possible mistakes.
I’m a beginner in this world. I obtain some simple mnemonic result like memorize the entire filmography of a director in chronlogical order or 30-digit numbers. Not great result, but I’m happy about it.
Now I’d like use method of loci to study, but I have two question:
1)what do you insert into loci? keyword, scene or what else?
If the answer is “keyword” how can it be enough to you to remember for example definitiono or concept?
2)how many loci do you use to an average university exam?

Appreciate any comments and thanks to everyone in advance.


I use method of loci for studies:

  1. insert keywords to loci
  2. i have used about 60000 - 80000 loci for my degree


Thank you for the answer!

1)Ok, I can understand the great utility to use keywords for concepts, but I don’t understand how it can be enough for definitions or formulas
2)Thanks, now I have an order of magnitude about loci. They are many loci to generate: do you use virtual palace?


WOW!!! 80,000 Loci!!!

How do you review all of those?

Do you have a specific schedule?

Are you planning to keep 80,000 loci in your long-term memory forever?


Hi Edo97,

I would avoid the Locus method altogether and use you as the first starting point.

Conversely you can also “bracket” information too along with yourself.

The Locus method is useful for Depth…as in a type of embedding like the Russian nesting dolls you see, for storing memories or when utilizing one single topic such as in anatomy.

I would use yourself as the first link in the non-locus associative method.

Try it out,


I have not found a good explained method of how to use mnemonics for conventional studies (medicine, law,…) in an structured way.



Again…You’d use the link system…Primarily Links

You take one branch of medicine: Anatomy for example and break it down per area of the body:
Ex. Leg, Sternum, Spine, Head and make links for each part

In Law, take one area: Torts for example and then use links to create associations

Remember, your creativity is needed too…No one has courses just for these topics available.