How to ace on Word memorization discipline?

I am not performing good in Word discipline, I could remember approx 10-12 items correctly out of 26 which is not good.

Could help me to understand how to decode the images specially abstract words ? because its not necessary for every word we have complete picture or near associated words could help but it could lead to trouble to losing concert images.

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I am also learning in words. Ambiguous in English words
In my case, I easily mixed up with words.
And about your question, did u try to rephrase the word? Or divide and conquer?
I use these two skills very often when dealing with unknown words.
This is my weekly log, if you don’t mind I can share some with you.

I am also looking forward to seeing others suggestions.


Thank you Antelex,
I already try to break them, but images are not concise.
So I am trying with Rhyming numbers and then, will try with Major method. We have to keep practicing and monitoring and see what could be the right approach or technique to conquer “Word Discipline” and wishing to have some experts who already attain the level of Memory realm :slightly_smiling_face:.

Others experience matters lot so that the mistake could be avoided at earliest.


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I understan and haw same problem