How the Mnemonic Jokes should have ended?


This is a thread for commenting Mnemonic Joke thread, the goal is to explain and correct all the mnemonic-related jokes (mJokes) in it.

Preferrably the comments in this thread have the same style as the videos in How it should have ended channel have. Let’s call this kind of activity “hishing” (HISHE is short for the channel name).

How to hishe?

Try to imagine yourself into the role of a character in a joke of that thread, and say what you would have done differently if you were that character (so to say solve a problem in that joke). I especially encourage newbies to do so, because then you can show other newbies who haven't yet understood the jokes (and now come searching the answer from here), that you already know the answer. The goal is that finally all the mJokes in r30's thread would be completely explained, and also corrected, if possible. NB! Don't just explain the jokes, if possible. Also try to say what would you have done differently.

Here is an example hishe-style comment:

r30’s mJoke 13:

Lash with tie to check for appealing erection ...wait a minute. It could also have been Flash his eye to check for pupil reaction

If I were doctor House,

  1. I wouldn't have memorized the text verbatim. I would have just visualized flashing somebody's eyes and understood the reason for doing it (which btw House got wrong - Swinging-flashlight test *actually when on surgical anaesthesia the pupils are and stay dilated)
  2. If I were to memorize sth verbatim, I wouldn't memorize every word of it!
  3. I wouldn't create loosely associated mnemonic images for words I already can easily visualize. For example: eye - an eye (not "tie") flash - somebody flashing sth with flashlight (not sb "lashing" sth) reaction - this word can not be so easily visualized. Maybe "chemical reaction" would be enough, but "erection" is also good, if I also visualize the sperm coming out of the penis and reacting with it (burning the tip of penis like an acid)
  4. If the results of decision I make depends on how well I have memorized some piece of intormation, then I would make sure that I'd have understood the meaning of that information before I start memorizing it. I'd also have to be able to undrestand its mnemonic form (erection symbolizes reaction). If I later don't understand the mnemonic form for some reason, I would not make rash decisions and think with my brain. Dr. House didn't think, he was a "verbatim type of guy".

Let the jokes be unraveled! :slight_smile:

Good, my plan is working marvelously. (So I’m a peaceful guy, but everyone suspects that I’m a crazy killer? :D)

Don’t remember. Pretty sure I was rewatching American Psycho at the time, and just thought, well, why not.

Secret inner maniac, maybe… But he hasn’t come out to play(yet).

Something like that. I value self-control. Not ‘holding in’ your emotions, but just letting them go. Hit my hand on a door or something, I could swear and yell, or I could just accept that things like that happen and move on. I don’t ‘get up on the wrong side of the bed’ anymore, one event doesn’t affect my whole day. There really only is one thing that still frustrates me, and that’s completely outside of my control.

Brilliant. I’ve been thinking for the past couple months that I could change it, but then I was like; everyone knows me as Bateman, the image is stuck in their heads, etc. But if I changed gradually, incrementally, nobody would notice! Maybe next year, I could even switch actors!

You might enjoy this…

Do you know what the word ‘secret’ means?

Yeah, yeah, just building my brand, excuse me…

‘Secret’ again.

Nuts are fantastic. I’m not sure though, did you only eat nuts?

Aww, I love you too honey :hat:

This smiley face really fits my profile tho… :smiley:


Oh, this is a riddle for me? I like it.

Yes! (opposite: inner and not secret).

*Secret, because others DIDN’T suspect about your inner psycho. But NOW they do (thanks to me explaining your ‘Bateman’ thing, and you now confirming it).

So, despite of you learning from those self-control videos, you have still always been potentially dangerous: you could lose control and let your psycho out (lose the inner thing). But that still doesn’t justify you remaining Bateman any more, because you’re not secret any more.

And I’m really happy you are starting to accept it too:

So, your gradual change plan is Bateman->Batman->Bale->Bane->Eminem? It might even work, I like it :slight_smile:

I just have weak digestion, and nuts are very fibrous. Also same goes for vegetables. I was on Specific Carbohydrate Diet, it had lots of nuts in it. Hoped it would fix my leaky gut, if I had it. But the diet had the opposite (bad) result.

Good one! I see you want to be Jesse, that leaves Jeana to me :evil: (Jeana does more awesome pranks)

“Oh, this is a riddle for me?”
Sadly, no.



r30’s mJokes 11, 17, 18 and 19
I’m going to do this one, because some users really want it to be explained. Here we go:

Yes, my jokes can be a real nutshell to crack, because sometimes it can be single (metaphor), double or even triple play of words. Ok, I’m going to reveal this one :slight_smile:

  1. My name is r30, and when decoded it means 'Arrgh, thirsty!'. Meaning I'm thirsty for trolling people more and more (in my mind 'arrgh' is always associated with trolls, because of this Harry Potter joke video). Which I really am. But you and 'Bateman', cmon!

    Main joke of course is that real Bateman character is crazy killer, who nobody suspects (sneaker, like Batman), but you’re the exact opposite (also in joke 11, I thought you got that!) (and also, let’s hope that Joshua isn’t the same slow witted as you, and now after realizing the joke he takes it too personally and does this ‘You’re not my friend any more!’ thing, because that will have serious consequences for me in this forum :oups: ).

    Really, why did you choose that avatar? - you’re the non-psychost user in this forum, always helpful and stuff. Or are you having these ‘secret inner maniac’ periods :smiley: ? - I remember you said somewhere that you watch these ‘persons who can handle their emotions perfectly’ videos, and let them resonate in your inner peace, to make you not whipping out to everybody. :innocent:

  2. Batman and Bateman, similar words, same actors. I would change my name to Batman, if I were you. Because:
    • Same actor, same suit, same name, nobody will notice! :bigsmile:
    • medium_bale-batman.jpgmedium_bale-bateman.jpg
    • Batman is cooler!
    • You're really more a 'secret helper', not a 'secret killer' in this forum :)
  3. Yes, :D you always write your signature extra. Thought it could be associated with "I'm batman!" and "Everybody can see it without you saying it all the time!".
  4. Bateman may have issues with it, though. He is such a character in a nutshell, I wouldn't make him angry, Josh! Nutshell - 1. conundrum, 2. nut's + hell (good, Bateman :D, this one was my favourite), and 3. nuts' hell of course (meaning you put yourself into the hell meant for crazy people, but it's a real conundrum why you chose it - do you have these secret maniac periods or not/are you dangerous or not? Hell - me trolling you without you even knowing, all because you chose to be 'Bateman'). Obvious, isn't it?

    Did you people get my 16th mJoke? (hint: it has double encryption)

  5. Nut's hell - nut diet actually made me go very moody and dissatisfied, because I don't tolerate them well :puzzled: And you on the opposite are such a fan of ketosis (I'm assuming also nuts, because they're high in fat)
Put this all together, and we really do 'make a great couple' - couple of opposite sexes, because we can be so opposite in ideas :bigsmile:

I really am waiting for a revenge now (I’m kind of desperate by now). Anybody, who feels doing so, post it in Mnemonic Jokes thread. If you lack of ideas, you might learn from these guys.


Smith: “I must get out of here. I must get free. And inside this mind…”

Pat Bat, Hah hah…

RIP: I think you meant to say it will be the hardest nut to crack. Or was it the hardest for the nut to crack? Crack for the nut? The nut might have to crack to get that joke…

Err… So far I’m not getting it… But I’ll continue searching for the answer…

K, I C.

There’s nuttin’ left to do now.

Anyway, :hat: honey, I hope this remains our dirty little secret…

Bateman :innocent:

To paraphrase Eminem in Emulate;

“I stimulate the brain, mimic, emulate the sane

See the thing is maybe he can’t always think of things to say
So he’s vague, so they mistake him for being crazed

It’s all psychologic, why am I so maniacal?
Am I a psycho or some kind of psychotic shtick?
Or am I truly psychotic? Or my molecules just diabolical?
Cause biologically, I defy logic
By golly, haul me off on a trolly

I’mma step away from crack
I’m so slap happy, man, snap me back to reality!

Elephantitis of the nuts, you’d probably die if you see 'em



Damn!!! Why did I respond!!!

Now this

has become doubly true.

Good move, Bateman.

Finally, I get to laugh too, and not to my own jokes :smiley: Well, i think you thisty bastard are getting closer to the source (if it’s the extra RIP thing in that comment where the link takes, what you mean), please continue :wink: . But there are also more more word plays to be unraveled. :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck :slight_smile:

Some of these word plays require good understanding of Matrix Reloaded, my memory of that movie is fresh, but is yours?

I see that nobody has made any attempt to solve the 20th joke further. Patience isn’t my strongest suit, so I’m going to reveal this one too (I’m a bit like the Estonian most famous writer A.H.Tammsaare, who couldn’t live with people misinterprating his books :D).

20. "Only R.I.P.e Minds Can Be Set Free" by Morpheus

The main repeating word is R.I.P, of course meaning that I’d “died” that day.

R.I.P-ing in well, forever (resting in peace in well with Samara). I thought that the picture made the joke clear. I even set it to my avatar, so if anyone would see me ‘Online’, it would mean that me and Samara will be climbing up and exiting that well, and then coming out from your screen to get you.

The title is actually from Matrix 1: Morpheus told Neo (after explaining him how his entire life had served only one purpose: to be a ‘battery’; and Neo got sick from the thought, couldn’t accept it):

We have a rule. We never free a mind once it's reached a certain age. It's dangerous, the mind has trouble letting go. I've seen it before and I'm sorry.
So, yes - only ripe minds can be set free. And it symbolizes the whole following poem: people are often inprisoned in their own ideas, and they can't let go of them, don't realize there is no absolute truth - what's real, what's not. After realizing that (becoming ripe), one can be freed from the prison (s)he himself or the surrounding environment is building for him.

There is a recent very interesting discussion about it (starting from here)

What's real, what's not? If your mind only perceives fear, the body knows it must be real, tic tac, tickedy tac, and so her heart racingly T.I.C.k.e.d,
If your mind only perceives fear (The link takes you to the comment where I express my fears, enhanced by my recent visualization.) the body knows it must be real, - - the nocebo effect, that starts kicking in: tic tac, tickedy tac, and so her heart racingly T.I.C.k.e.d,
This story is about how r30 gave her heart to Samara, who R.A.P.e.d her, who murdered her, who will kill her children, and so her heart out was R.I.P.p.e.d.

Yes, me and Samara, who really raped me, murdered me, and will kill my children (you, audience, if you dared to visualize the Bed Story) (children in the meaning of followers, imitators).

And the three lines (you raped her, you murdered her, you killed her children) were an epic quote from Game of Thrones (that prince Oberin kept saying to Mountain in their duel).

But fear not, my children: it takes only One mind to know, that true love does not fear, it knows that LOVE IS REAL, And so the heart on was K.I.C.k.e.d, Neo restarting the heart of Trinity. by Neo

Do not fear, my children: if you really are attacked with the product of your mind (Samara/depression/…), you can use the help from your loved ones to overcome it.

The example of it was Neo restarting the heart of Trinity, who believed that she was going to die due to the bullet wound. But Neo knew that IT WAS MATRIX, it wasn’t real, and so the heart on was kicked.

And the same did Bateman (Neo) to me in that comment where the link takes (he didn’t believe “my brother’s” comment). He is he and me is she, because in this comment we agreed to be Jesse and Jeana, who are pranking each other. When I said now it has become doubly true; good move, Bateman!, I meant that I had planned not to visit the forum for a month or so (so everyone would think I really was dead), but I accidently replied to Bateman, plan ruined :D.

by Neo, knowing he'd been t.R.I.C.k.e.d, and so the true purpose of his name out was N.I.C.k.e.d.

From the ending of Matrix 2: Neo was not meant to save Trinity, the true purpose of his name (Neo symbolizing One) was to take the other door (in Architect’s room), that would have carried on the cycle of Zion being destructed by the machines and the One repopulating it with 23 people that he would choose from Matrix. But after realizing that (knowing he’d been t.R.I.C.k.e.d), he decided to save Trinity (and so the true purpose of his name out was N.I.C.k.e.d).

It was also a prank to Bateman:
Bateman’s name means he is a crazy secret killer, but he decided to save me, revive me from death (again being opposite to psycho). And the prank continues:

Indeed, there is hope: Patting a bat was also Bruce's fear, but gradually he learned to embrace what's real, or nope?

I played with the new signature he had used: Pat Bat -> patting a bat.
And patting a bat really was Bruce’s fear, but gradually he overcame it, and he became Batman. Old joke: Bateman ----gradually----> Batman.
And does Pat Bat signature mean that yes indeed, there is hope of he finally changing his name (I see he already changed his avatar picture), or nope? (his little changes were just a prank to me and he still hasn’t learned to embrace what’s his real identity)

Yes, now that my initial vision of the joke is explained, I am really glad that someone would interpret it in other funny ways.

Smith: “I must get out of here. I must get free. And inside this mind…”
Good association, I didn’t even think about the 8th joke!

RIP: I think you meant to say it will be the hardest nut to crack. Or was it the hardest for the nut to crack? Crack for the nut? The nut might have to crack to get that joke…
No I just meant that it would be the hardest joke to decode.

K, I C.
Anyway, :hat: honey, I hope this remains our dirty little secret…

I laughed a long time over it, because this interpretation accidently hit the jackpot of our Jesse and Jeana thing (K, I C - Gay, I see).
Actually the capitalized letters separated with three dots througout the joke were just meant to visually/vocally rhyme with R.I.P. But if you want a gay joke, then alright, let’s make one:

Capitalized words and dot-separated letters from the poem:


The I see rap:
I pee.
I see, Arrghh, I see.
I see.

Hehe :smiley:

“There’s nuttin’ left to do now.
Anyway, :hat: honey, I hope this remains our dirty little secret”

R30 got it of course, but if anyone didn’t;
Nuttin; Nothing left to do or Nuttin(being crazy) is the only thing left to do or sexual…
Our dirty - Arrgh30, r30. Also relates to the sexual interpretation of above.

Yeah, couldn’t really figure out much more than what I said previously. Good jokes, Arrgh…


ROFLMAO! :drunk: :smiley: :drunk:

I wasn’t aware of the sexual meaning of term nut. Meaning I must watch more porn than I already do to get a proper education.

Anyway, triple code, nice, Bateman! :slight_smile:

Haha :smiley:

Bateman has cleverly paraphrased Eminem to illustrate his famous dilemma - to be or not to be a psycho.

"I stimulate the brain, mimic, emulate the sane See the thing is maybe he can't always think of things to say So he's vague, so they mistake him for being crazed

You are trying to mimic, emulate the sane (appear sane to others), but sometimes you accidently make contradicting phrases (maybe he can’t always think of things to say) - names (Bateman) and confessions (I watch self-control videos), or lash out to sb. And that’s why people mistake you for being crazed.

Am I a psycho or some kind of psychotic shtick? Or am I truly psychotic? Or my molecules just diabolical? Cause biologically, I defy logic By golly, haul me off on a trolly

You are wondering if you truly are a psycho. A part of your genes/bacterial flora :smiley: (diabolic molecules, biologically…) seem to have an evil heritage. Perhaps society should repel you away (haul me off on a trolly)

I'mma step away from crack... I'm so slap happy, man, snap me back to reality!
  1. The line following the word crack is sth for me to crack (you were strugling with my joke to crack phrase, so you decided to give me a payback with I'm so slap happy, man, snap me back to reality! line)
  2. You’d often had a behaviour like you’d be sleep deprived (slap happy), and want sth to snap you back to reality

  • self-control ideas from books
  • meditation
  • emotional palaces
  • other stuff you mention here
...whatever calms your mind, gives you feeling of being awake and that you're filling the purpose you've defined for yourself (just live to see what I can build in my life...)
  • Or were it some drugs (crack) that made you irratic, sleep deprived?
    • A person who plans to let a DBS device planted into one's brain to play with one's emotions would not hetitate doing drugs to achieve the same effect.
  • On the other hand, if you had a drug problem, you would have made the whole sentence italic, not just word crack. And it all doesn't fit your profile anyway :hat:, if it's the hat of Heisenberg (from Breaking Bad) you're wearing.
    Elephantitis of the nuts, you'd probably die if you see 'em

    I really hope this is a reference to my dr. House mJoke (lash them (nuts - testicles) with tie to check for appealing erection), not the one problem of yours that wasn’t meant to be a riddle for me to guess :smiley:

    OMFG we are like doctor House and his best friend Wilson - spending our lives away doing nothing more than analizing the other’s every single word/action :smiley:

    Dr. House: Stops moving for a second, then just gets up and walks away without saying a word.

    Dang, R30. You get me.

    To quote House(of Cards); ''We revealed too much."

    I didn’t presume anyone could even comprehend, much less connect the dots.

    “Or my molecules just diabolical? Cause biologically, I defy logic”
    There was no emphasis added by me, that’s just Eminem; He’s white and yet on top of the rap game. Biologically, that defies logic.

    Not sure if ‘analizing’(*analyzing) was intentional to put emphasis on anal, and thus connect with the K, Gay from the previous comments, or an accidental misspelling.

    I’m basically both of them combined. On the inside, I’m Watson, and on the outside, House. ‘I’m really a sheep in wolves clothing’… Deeply caring, but then not.

    Arghhh, how did you see it so clearly? Supervision…

    I don’t even want to say which parts are true… Damn, you actually see. Or should it be this?

    Funny thing is, people don’t ever see in person. And you saw through the internet…


    Dr. House: *Stops moving for a second, then just gets up and walks away without saying a word.*
    These are my favourite moments. Or if he eats Wilson's food, or does the other pranks.

    One of my favourite pranks was House promising Wilson that he can’t escape Chase’s stag party. Wilson: Try me.
    So, House secretly organized it in Wilson’s apartment (without Wilson knowing). Conclusion: When Wilson stepped into the apartment in the evening, he still discovered himself at the very party he was trying to avoid. And the unforgettable moment when after the party he police discovered him walking drunk and naked on a street, heading from party to his home :smiley:

    Dang, R30. You get me. To quote House(of Cards); ''We revealed too much." I didn't presume anyone could even comprehend, much less connect the dots.
    After two months of writing biography of you, this isn't such a hard task. Psycho/not psycho - that's what the rap actually says, and it isn't hard to connect with the whole Bateman thing.

    Although when you first posted the rap I didn’t turn much attention on it, because I thought you just wanted to demonstrate in how many ways Eminem can say ‘crazy’ (the bats in the belfry conversation).

    Not sure if 'analizing'(*analyzing) was intentional to put emphasis on anal, and thus connect with the K, Gay from the previous comments, or an accidental misspelling.

    And already you’re starting to analize my every word, even if it’s not bolded out :smiley: (analyzing and analizing (making brownish dirty) at the same time :D).

    I'm basically both of them combined. On the inside, I'm Watson, and on the outside, House. 'I'm really a sheep in wolves clothing'... Deeply caring, but then not.

    Watson - Wilson you mean. No matter anyway, they are practically the same (having a great sense of morality, cold and calculating Holmes/House as best friend).

    Did you know that Joseph Bell was the doctor that inspired A.C.Doyle to create S.Holmes (and Watson based on Doyle himself - he finding Bell’s personality and methods being curious; writing memoires; perhaps believing in faries and such stuff)? There this documentary about it.

    Deeply caring, but then not.
    I have it too in a variation. I’m compassionate about people, would do a lot for them. But I prefer to do it without them knowing, I just can’t stand human contact (mostly I’m just apathetic to people, because I can’t stand letting people know that I care about them). But all men seem to have it, I’m not special.

    Damn, you actually see. Or should it be this?

    That Red Dragon movie I’m going to watch again, I don’t remember much anything about it… Ralph looks like Voldemort :bigsmile:

    Funny thing is, people don't ever see in person. And you saw through the internet...
    Yes, you usually don't bother to ponder over the things that the people you know have said. But sometimes it's cool to try reading them.

    I wanted to write a joke about sth, and your Bateman thing seemed interesting to me - you had said somewhere that you’d watched the movie like 10 times, and yet it didn’t match your persona in the forum. I didn’t find that particular movie very interesting, so I guessed you had some kind of personal similarity with the character, to rewatch it so many times and choose it as your avatar. etc etc

    Have you ever tried to read people during a bus ride? It’s quite fun, since most rides I have nothing else to do there anyway (option A) stare out of window and dream B) observe people C) read a book).

    Oh yeah. "I knew you couldn’t stay away :slight_smile: "

    Yeah, they’re the same :D. At one point, I was watching 4 things about Sherlock Holmes; Elementary, Sherlock(british), House MD, and the Sherlock Holmes movie… Had a sherlock book in a box somewhere too… The funny thing is, I barely even recognized that they were based on the same person. Just didn’t think about it. Was attracted to that type of intelligence. And now, they’re all basically the same person.

    Have heard this before, perhaps in an introduction to one of his books or something.

    Yeah. At least for ~95+% of people. Well, in a different way than you. The few that I care about, I care about deeply. When I went to school, I was called ‘apathetic’ two different times in consecutive years, by different teachers in the same classroom. The second time I burst out laughing because of the deja vu. They blamed me for not caring about someone who died a couple hundred years before, someone I never met, and never could meet. Meh. :innocent:


    Oh yeah. There are various psychological things that go into it. Very fun to read people. And then you get some moments like: A couple months ago my aunt bought a very rare fruit. She has had problems conceiving before. That day that she bought it, she said she was just going to the store but was gone for maybe 2 hours, having just bought the fruit. She was looking up how to cook it on her phone. I saw a couple words like ‘polycistic ovary syndrome’, I was like ‘AH-HAH!’(EUREKA(OMG I’M HAVING A HOUSE/HOLMES MOMENT)). So; she must have lied about just going to the store, went to a conception doctor beforehand, he recommended this rare fruit thing on the basis of her previous troubles, Thus she went and bought it, and that’s why she was late!

    But apparently, no, I was dead wrong :frowning:

    Yeah, I just have an obsession with that type of character. Anything ‘weird’, I want to know what it is, why are people disgusted by it, etc. Because it doesn’t really affect me.

    Yeah, I do all sorts of things like that. Don’t ride the bus often, but when in a similar situation I do try to read people. Bodylanguage, facial expressions, etc. As well as that ‘sherlock’ stuff. Can also meditate, listen to music, read a book, listen to audiobook, review memory palaces, so many things you can do… I usually like to chat up strangers(I can fit in anywhere). Try to act like a different person. (Hi! I’m Pat, Pat Bateman! :D) Can you befriend anyone you want to? It’s good practice.

    “You think someone is going to come up to this house, and shoot me when I open the front door?

    Yeah, I can be quite anal about spelling and grammar. Probably because I had to learn the language. I even correct your comments… :smiley:


    The 22nd joke background is this: 7 years ago I was a WoW player, started as a night elf priest, as in the joke. I only made it to level 40, and haven’t been playing since, but I still like keeping myself updated about the game (watch videos on youtube etc). Rest is for you to unravel.

    Oh, btw, this time I wasn’t making as much joke of Bateman as it would seem in the joke. He’s a ■■■■■■■ ?? level tutor, if to put it in WoW terminology (that I also tried to illustrate, making him the Grandmaster).
    Actually, there should be a separate badge for tutoring, since Grandmaster is sth else.

    It was an interesting fusion of WoW and mnemonics.

    I laughed out loud for a while at;
    “Grandmaster slaps Arrgh’s face. “Stop wining right now and just start practising, you dumbass rookie!””
    It’s just true. Don’t think about it, don’t doubt it, don’t ask questions. Just practice, and you’ll see.

    Have you by any chance seen ‘Whiplash’? Great movie.