"How Taking Short Breaks May Help Our Brains Learn New Skills"

Summary: The resting brain repeatedly and rapidly replays faster memories of what a person has recently learned and practiced. The more a person replays the memory during rest, the better they become during subsequent sessions where they practice their newly learned skill.


Subjects were instructed to type the sequence 41324 on a response pad as fast and accurately as possible during each 10-s practice period. Thirty-six 10-s practice periods (trials) were interleaved with 10-s rest periods (Figure 1).


In that case, time to relax.

I know your last name is fairly common but the leader of the study was Leonardo G. Cohen, M.D. Any relation there @Josh?

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No close relation that I know of. :slight_smile:


Great to see more data on the power of diffuse thinking.

See Barbara Oakley in Learning How to Learn and Alex Soojung-Kim Pang’s Rest for more older references to such studies.