How successful is the Memory Palace technique with memorising poems?

Hello everyone!

I’m interested in hearing from experienced memory experts who have committed many canonical poems to their minds. So far, I have about twenty great poems from English Literature that I could recite from memory. I used the tool of parrot learning. That took too much time. A sonnet of Shakespeare can take me about two weeks.

Now, I’m trying Memory Palaces. And I’m eager to hear from anyone who has more than fifty canonical poems committed to their minds through memory palaces.

Are there any Memory Champions such as Joshua Foer who has many poems on their minds?

I’ve used both the method of loci and repetition plus mnemonic images, but I have only used the method of loci on some. The problem with the method of loci is that it takes a long time for me to create the journeys, so I don’t do it as often anymore.

I also wrote some tips here:

There are a couple of people here who have memorized longer poems of the method of loci, like Dante’s Inferno. Maybe they could answer this question better.

Thanks Josh for that response, and the link.

I first encountered the concept of loci in when I was in high school. A teacher suggested to us to make a page of the book like a location. Divide the pages into 4 quarters and put landmarks on each concept that you needed to remember. So the page(s) of the book or notes you are studying would be loci, making it easier for us to remember. We found it really an interesting technique!