How not to waste loci when memorising new topics?

Information usually have different sections and topics.

I usually jump to another room to start memorising new info that belongs to another topic without using up the loci in the existing room.

How would you deal with this problem? I can’t really start a new topic in a room that already contains another topic, especially if there’s only one or two loci remaining.

I wouldn‘t think of this as a „waste“ of loci. Instead, it‘s a chance to add additional information later on when you‘re deepening your knowledge about that topic.

I don‘t start with a different topic in the same room either (sometimes not even in the same palace, because I tend to have dedicated palaces for each topic).

But I won’t add more stuff in the same room again because I’ve already put the necessary stuff in it. I only need to revisit them to further strengthen the memory. Besides, there usually only two to three loci left so it’s not gonna be much at all.

Well, I also have dedicated palaces for different topics, but there are smaller topics within the larger topics, then it is necessary to put it in the same palace.