How many words tied in per loci?

I’m beginners of Random word memory sports. I’ve been trying to tie 3 images into one loci. but it disappears soon. In general, How many words tied in per loci ?

It depends on you.
But in general mostly prefer 2 words per loci.

myself is 1 word per loci user for so long time. (now I am using 2 words per loci in ml too)


Thank u so much.

When you first start out initially, id go with 1 per loci to get the basics down. When you are comfortable with this and scoring over approximately 10 in a minute, Id switch to 2. You may struggle initially but don’t worry, it will come.

One thing people often struggle with is swaps , I try to make the first word the dominant, active word and have the first interact with the 2nd.

Here’s a pairing I had the other day, freak-follow. I saw freakazoid(old cartoon) following a path, if it was follow-freak id go with myself following freakazoid.