How many things do we have that can describe numbers in the universe

I want to know how many things you know that describes the number of things in universe.

And it can be used in number memorizing.
And this known as Bhoot Sankhya Paddhati
And it’s English name is assumption method.

Like eye is number 2.
Moon is number 1 , teeth is number 32.

Hey Raja,

I dont know if I understand you right.
Is the method using “normal” quantities of things in “our” universe?

Im a little bit confused, because the quantitie of teeth could depend and also in the whole universe exists more than one moon, or am I wrong?

But if it is so that the method use the general sight of things, then I would say:

Fingers - 5 per hand, so 10 total
Sun would also be 1 for our easier sight? (Because there are more suns)
Ears - 2
Sky - 1

I dont know if Im doing it right, but when yes I dont know how to expand this away from the human body or the astronomical facts, because more things are not general for all, instead of individual for everybody? (Because you have to limit the possibilities of things?)

Maybe you could show me another example?

Thank you for showing the method. I think I will later read about it.

Excuse me when Im too confused :smiley:

Kind regards,

sirc :slight_smile:

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So are you asking the number of things based on them? Like their are 32 teeth so 32 is the number?

Ya, I want to know this type of things like

5 - Oceans of world
6 -
7 - Music (7 tones)
10 - Hand (10 fingers means thumb include)
12 - Calendar (12 months)

Now you understand what I want to saying?


Are you planning to make a 00-99 list?

Because such things can go up to Many digits and many things like the Fibonacci sequence, Anatomy, Atomic structures to celestial data etc.

It would be hard to sort some common ones out of them which can be used in general like you mentioned above.

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Yes, I want to planning 00 to 99.

I am not completed this project now. But I give you some examples more.

00 - Sky

01 - Moon (Earth’s Moon)

02 - Eye

03 - Triangle means cutting watermelon (3 sides)

04 - Violin (4 strings in violin)

05 - Panchtatva

06 - Dice

07 - Rainbow

08 - Octopus

09 - Cat ( 9 lives)

10 - Hand ( finger’s and thumb)

11 - Cricket (11 players)

12 - Calendar (12 months)

13 - Birthday (my birth date)

14 - Heart (Valentine’s day)

15 - Flag (India became independent)

16 -

17 -



20 -




24 - Clock


26 - Letters (of English alphabet)




30 -


32 - Teeth (of avg human)

37 - DNA (has 37 genes)

47 - Mosquito ( 47 teeth)

And so on…

If you have any suggestions than tell us.

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You can go to the Wikipedia pages for each number.

There is a section below called ‘In other fields’.

There is a lot of data you can use from there which tell the significance of the number.

You can use it for uncommon numbers like 54,33 etc.

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I also know one website that contains lot of good information and facts about numbers.

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