How many loci in a room for memorizing 5000 digits

Hey everyone, I’d like to set a personal record of memorizing at least 5000 digits, as of now I have been able to reach 1000 using my PAO system and 3 mental palace where in each one I used 2 loci per room (so 2 images each one composed of 6 numbers per room), my question is, is it better to stick to just a couple of loci per room or it makes more sense to go up to like 5 or more loci per room?
My doubt is that if I put to many loci (images) in the same room then it could become hard to distinguish them precisely and I could end up making to many errors.

Let me know what you think! Thanks

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2 loci per room is very little, I would put at least 5. I like to use 10 bc it makes my loci close enough to interact with each other however 5 to 8 is less confusing.

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You mention rooms, but for a long memorization I would also consider going outside. You don’t need to be fast with the long memorization, you can stick a lot of loci in your hometown.

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This is a good idea, I thought about this and I need to try

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Yeah i used mostly outdoor when i did 1000 digits of pi, I dont use these for memory league but can help you add some loci

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do you have any advice on how to find “sources” for new palaces? I have been using the same places for months, but I don’t know how to implement the rooster of my palaces … ideas? useful sources? Thanks in advance and sorry for bad eng.

Hey @Giacom0 welcome. To add some more try some of the following:

1- Use real loci in your persona life, when this runs dry try:

2- Realtor websites- You will find rooms to make loci

3- Instant Street View

4- Video games or fictional rooms


I’ve been messing with like status effects and reusing the same palace. Like palace 2 would be a repeat of palace 1 but its underwater, palace 3 could be on fire and so on. I think Maya had similar.

I haven’t tested it that much because I don’t need extra palaces.

Well. Be instinctive about it. Just maximum five loci unless the room is really huge. Too many loci in one room only achieves mental confusion.

Hm. That creation of a different version of same palace doesn’t work for me. It’s more or less the same for me.
I think in general it shouldn’t usually work (that idea) because applying e.g. water to a memory palace is superficial and memory palace stays more or less the same, confusion soon to ensue.

It’s supposed to be more than superficial, like your house is at the bottom of the sea, the characters are swimming maybe a bubble helmet, everything is soaking wet, and the actions are performed underwater. Even the palace could be remade with fantasy like my first loci the sink could be a shell and the faucet puts out air or fish food.

I think it depends how you use the palace in terms of visualization and connecting the images to loci and each other.