How many images in each location

How many images do you place at each loci while studying… would like to know if it is possible to compress memory palaces without affecting recall


I always try to keep it as simple as possible.

When I learn key contents of laws, I usually have:

  • one image representing the number of the Article and
  • one image that represents the keyword for the content of that Article

in the same location.

If I put more there, it gets harder to remember (not necessarily in the beginning with the first few reviews, but with later reviews after like 6 months, it seems to be more of a problem).

But I think in general it depends a bit on the kind of information and also the size of the location. If I have to force myself to put more images there, than what seems to fit in there naturally, it’s always harder to remember in the end. So I usually only have 2 images (sometimes 3 but rarely) in one location.

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Generally, one per locus for me, unless multiple objects are interacting to deliver related information. That’s the only reason I could have for combining images in one location; they are inherently connected to one another. The most I’ve done is three.

If you want to place multiple items in a single location, my personal advice would be to make sure those items are there for a reason (other than lack of enough loci). Otherwise, I think you risk overlooking something. But maybe I’m just overly cautious here…


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