How many foreign words can fit in into a single memory palace?

So I’m pretty new to this method of loci stuff (I actually just learned about it a week ago). Im using it to study for my Spanish finals and had a couple of questions on the best way to memorize vocabulary. Firstly I’m uncertain as to just how many images is reasonable to put in a single loci station, or how many stations are reasonable to fit into a single memory palace. Also if you all have store vocabulary as well, do you link the words as actual words or images? Because currently I’m creating images or tini scenarios to interact with the stations. I would be greatful for any practical examples or mentoring you could give.

As many as you want or you can!!! There are mnemonists who may create link among 30 or more words using story method and put all of them in one locus! But then,there are people who might put one word in one locus! It all depends on the person, his/her preference and experience levels, it seems…


In case you are a latina I do not know if it is even worthwhile to categorically memorize Spanish words, or even an English native speaker. There are more than a thousand of cognates and I do not thing memorizing them with special techniques is such an advantage.I have memorized more than one thousand words in French and Italian and I doubt if it was a good idea or whether I should have a more pragmatic approach towards learning those two languages (observation: I did not learn them yet). In relation to Spanish, I learned it watching videos of the channels Mundodesconocido (good channel about mysteries and conspiracies in which is so good to the extent that puts in check the maxim that everything you want you can find in English on internet (and makes Spanish language more appreciable) (and eventually channels related to it) and DrossRotzank (also about mysteries, but in a more biased sense, so to speak).