How many digits have you recited correctly?

I’m trying to recite 10,000 digits that I have memorized, but I keep missing some. Once I said 3,141 digits of Pi, but I had taken so much time to prepare. Has anyone here tried to say thousands of digits? What did you learn from that? Do you read the loci with your inner voice and convert to numbers, or do you only see them and say the numbers? I created this post because I think reading other’s experiences may help me to solve that.


I had tried with 1000-pi digits because I thought it is a great chance to exercise number connections. In addition, it is also great as the training journey helped me to better understand how many loci I had, and how to better associate with the loci.
After memorized 1000 digits of Pi, I learnt two extra technique, Checksum algorithm for large scale number memorization
Amount of Loci - #7 by Antelex.


I memorised total of 1000 digits of pi by natural memory , I mean doesn’t use any memory techniques to remember pi digits.

But you can call it as technique though, I memorized first 500 digits of pi by singing.
And rest 500 is by associating in 9th class and now I only remember 500 digits of pi perfectly that I memorized by singing.

And I didn’t think any image , when saying this digits to someone.

Note : that time I didn’t know about memory techniques. Like shaper, rhyme , pa or phonetics system.
This is the reason why I memorized them by singing.


That’s cool. Did you feel any difficulty in reciting them the first time? I feel like there was a number lurking around the corner waiting to mislead me every time; then say a digit wrong.

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constructing your mp is also an art piece. Many memory members suggest a general idea of building the mp,

  1. select 4~6 items or furnitures in a room.

  2. walk in a fixed direction, eg clockwise, ground centre and ceiling.

  3. Revise mp constantly, eg 1 time per week.

  4. Schedule the revision bc when you gain a large amount of loci, you will easily biased in certain mps. Scheduling avoid you from being prejudice in training progress. eg I feel satisfied with mp1, then I never review it. The truth is memory is a plastic mud, their shape deforms when time passes. I think a difference between the top memory athletes and us is that they can balance the durability of memory shape, capacity and speed.

  5. any question 🙋?

I forgot to ask your number system? Can you tell us?


I’m using 00-99 Major system. I put 14 digits per locus, which forms a triple of person-action-object (person-action-object-action-object-action-object). Since I got a vacation, I’m reviewing all the digits every day, taking from 2 hours to 2 hours and a half.

I thought improving accuracy was only about reciting many times, but I’ve been reviewing for one month already, and I keep making mistakes in different positions. I feel my accuracy is low just after memorizing long sequences of things, and it increases with repetition. However, It’s stuck now, and I can’t figure out any way to solve that.

I was suspecting it’s because of the way I convert the images to numbers: I see A; then I read the name of A with my inner voice, and I finally convert the sound to digits. Maybe converting A to numbers at once is better? I don’t know. I tested this way, but it wasn’t that different.

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I had memorised pi1000 three times with different combinations when i was younger.

The first time, I memorise pi was too green(unskillful ) in memory field. I use pure 2-digits object system. I connected them into two objects per locus. Soon, I used up my loci around 50. I had only remember 200 pi-digits with many gaps bc of poor planning and review.

The second time I was up to retry pi-1000 about a year passed. I had also written a learning journey. Start-up a new exercise routine on number system!
That time I was ambitious, bc I had built a visual APP to aid my revision and learning. With PAOX, I can bundle up 8 digits with minimum repetition.However, I was naive! I cannot hold the objects tight, though the visual APP does a great aid. When I reached around 500 digits, my mind already knotted. I don’t want to recall pi anymore bc I did mistake on here and there, just like you have a old house :house:. You want to repair it, but holes happens in everywhere one after another. 🤦

About half year ago, my revision edit PAO is almost done, I wanted to try my system. And I remembered Pi the failed challenge, it was a great chance to conquer pi1000. This time my route are carefully planned, my visual App is still there, and most importantly I have better sense in mnemonics! I was shocked that I can use PAO to learn first pi200 on the first day!!! I thought it’s bc my previous pi experience gave me power. Then I continue my learning progress and turn out I used roughly 5days finished the task! That’s an overkill for me. With the checker App you have seen in the above link. I was sure I did it >90% accuracy in 5 days.

The last technique I had applied on memorising pi is find a circle objects in the locus of each PAO group (6-digits). And if you ask me to do it again, I think I will add a verifiable code in each locus. Checksum algorithm for large scale number memorization
Probably, it can holds the digits more firmly and it has a certain amount recover ability. :wink:

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Thank you so much for your reply! That’s really motivating.

Even though I’m recalling all the digits every day, I normally review them using Anki.

I think my trouble is jumping from a good accuracy to no mistakes at all. Since I intend to break some record in the future, not being perfect accurate is my main worry.

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