How long does it take you to get in and out of shape?

Let’s say you didn’t touch a discipline for a few months (no playing or training or review of pegs or palaces or anything):
how long will it take you to get back to consistent similar accuracy and time as before?
What would you say is the minimum amount of training needed to just maintain your level?

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My experience this year 2021 is about two to three weeks to attain previous bests. The most important reason why i had a gap year nearly zero training, is that I was busy and lazy. The second less important reason is that I was restructuring my system carefully part by part. Originally, I thought I can make in a month, then I wasted about 11 months doing nothing.:rofl:


30 Days of Training (mostly Rated matches)
50 Days Top 5s.
That was back in 2020. (Roughly 1 year ago)

Intensity has something to say about the growth as well!