How long does it take to learn a digits system?

I’m interested: how long did it take to get used to a 3-digit system?

By “get used to” I mean, that you look at a 3 digit group and know instantly that e.g. 335 corresponds to “mammal” etc. ? (and if you look in your memory palace, and see “Lara Croft”, know that it is 547)

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It depends on practice :slight_smile: .
Word “Instantly” is also kind of vague coz there is always way for improving on seeing images instantly.
I would suggest you do 20-30 images each day without using memory palaces. For doing 20-30 images you can use Anki.

It depends on practice :slight_smile: .

Well, what sort of practrice did you do, and how long did it take you to become fluent with your system?

As I suggest you should learn 20-30 words of the images per day without using locations instead use Anki. And during day repeatedly go through all the 20-30 images. Next day learn new 20-30 images and learn the previous day’s images too.

So you can calculate how much time it will take you to learn all 000-999 images.

While learning system there is not such as practice but you should try to review your images as many times as possible.

After learning all 000-999 images then comes the drill practice i.e. try to come up with images as fast as possible after looking the numbers. You can also do numbers training then.

As there is always some room for improvement.

Niten I’m very interested to hear that you are using PEOPLE as your memory palace positions as opposed to PLACES. Having Lara Croft in position 547 in your ‘memory palace’ holds some incredible advantages over someone who relies solely on a JOURNEY method where say their points of position are not known for there numerical placements. Your system is stronger in that you can use the PAIRED ASSOCIATION method to recount anything at any position as opposed to having to ‘walk through’ distinctive steps in getting to your numbers. I like what you’ve done if I am understanding you correctly?

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It’s Harsh truth, but If you wanna go build a 3 digit major system and use efficiently.

you have to be patient, it’s a long way to go. (Many people try to build 3 digit system but some left the task in just 1 month, and said this isn’t for me)

Let’s set a boundary like 3 months and start from today.
If you do daily, probably you will surely able to do number with great speed.

You can break them your task in pieces,

  1. In first 2 weeks per day , take one of the 100 numbers from 000 to 999 list and make a list of that words.
  2. Now look at different people lists / check different websites , start your practice and remove all images that you can’t able to visualise more efficiently or mark them as red colour like need to practice these.
  3. ? (First do this 2 above task, if you left the task to build 3 digit system , probably 3rd and 4th&5th point isn’t gonna help you.

Still it’s all up to you.

You can placed that person you are talking in a journey too, and use them if you not wanna placed images on loci like katie kermode used.

I am using both methods for words memorizing (I linked the words with my 2 digit object and person)

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I’ve been using the Ben System for 5 years and still don’t know all my images! But I just started using it without worrying about learning it, and was able to beat my previous scores within a few weeks. If you have a phonetic system you can make up words on the spot. You might even pick a different word depending on how it fits with other image(s) in the locus.


Niten doesn’t say (at least here) anything about using people as the memory palace positions. It sounds like they are using a normal method, but mentioned that when you look in your memory palace you will see the people/objects you stored during memorisation, and will need to be able to translate that back into the right digits. (On a side note though, I agree that this would have some benefits, but I prefer to have people in the loci - not ‘instead of’).


3 months is a bit much, am currently at week 4, my goal was to make atleast 50 images per day and enter them into Anki, that meant in a week I got to 250( I was only working on it 5 days a week) by week 3 I was at 750 ( at this point I even started to memorise numbers, am not yet fast but am slowly getting there😊… consistency is key, just jump in and use whatever comes to mind for those images you are yet to create. You will surprise yourself

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Interesting, what methods did you use to train the new system in? Was it just the usual way of, decide all 1000 images, enter them into Anki and use Anki to hammer them in?

There is a good post on the forum with some good suggestions for images, I got most of mine from there and changed those that did not resonate with me…so I’d enter 50 per day and practice those and then repeat the process. From there I just took Katie’s advice once the system was big enough. Just jump in and see what you will come up with for the rest of the numbers.

Yes, flashcards, and I also tried memorising them in sequence with a journey (though I kept falling asleep when trying to go through it). But as I said, I just started using the system straight away, before I’d written down all the images.