How long are your study sessions?

Hey guys,

I’ve been in this memory journey for around 3 months, I use memory palaces and pegs for work.
What I have found difficult to experiment with is my study time. I’m in the process of memorizing 13 process manuals with aproximately 80 pages long each one. I’m studying my 6th manual right now but I find that my brain is somewhat tired and foggy after my study (I usually do 4 or 5 hours of study per day + reharsal)

How long are your training sesions and what do you do to mantain your brain with the hability to generate clean images throughout all tue study?

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Some points from my personal experience:

  1. Pomodoro
    I use Pomodoro technique for keeping my brain in high intensity focus mode. So instead of sitting say 3 hours for study, I would break it down into ~25 minute sessions, just naturally relaxing myself into it and stopping when the timer goes off. Then I take a small break, this break can be by doing some other kind of activity or some different topic, something new enough the brain to stay sharp focus. Remember: the brain is like any muscle that will get tired if you do vigorous exercise continuously. When we exercise or do some other activity without consciously working on study, it empties the fog a bit and also helps our subconscious work on what we studied, since we aren’t using super high mental energy. Space out your study sessions through the day instead of keeping it all in one place.
  2. Sleep
    If it matches you, power naps can be quite helpful. It is only natural for the brain to get foggy on continuous use. Sleep is the time when cerebrospinal fluid in your brain kicks in and clears this fog (Reference). So you would theoretically be more productive if you did 3 hour study + 4 hour sleep twice a day comparing to 6 hours study + 8 hour sleep once a day.

One key for me to is to enjoy and immerse myself in what I am studying. When I can do that, I can go for extended periods of time with clean images. But the above points should work for everyone since they are scientifically based on how the brain works.


Pomodoro technique all the way!

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