How large a subtotal (digits) do you maintain without mnemonics?

I’m somewhere between 6 and 9 digits depending on the day. I go left to right and accumulating the digits seems to reinforce me enough to get around there before I pretty much lose the music.

I have officially wimped out have been spending practice hours on the major system and numbers so I can try to push that up to something a bit less collegiate. Had a few goes at this now without and I have become impatient to see results. Numbers better read with scientific notation would be a lot of fun in a sick kind of way.

Being able to practice both mnemonics and calculation at the same time would be a fun exercise ( I’m trying to justify wimping out :wink: ). I might be able to get a few more digits out of pure numeracy but I don’t want to die of old age before I get there.

Anyhow, a day off from practice and thought I would check-in.

Are you talking about digit span?

I don’t know what digit span is.

Digit span is the amount of digits you can hold in your mind when presented with a digit every second. This is often given verbally.

No I am not talking about digit span. I am talking about maintaining the total of a calculation in your memory while you calculate. When I am calculating keeping the totals is more meaningful but also interrupted. There is probably a correlation between this and digit span but I don’t have a lot of interest in digit span as a measure.

WAIS IQ test includes it for measuring working memory…

Depends on the kind of calculation you are talking about… any examples?