How I make loci quickly


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Great post!
Thanks for the tips, I should give it a try :slight_smile:

I thought of a way to build my palaces too recently, and I gave it a try yesterday.
My technique is way slower, but it addresses an other problem I have when making Palaces : Actually knowing the place in my head.

I’m one of those people who don’t pay attention to its surrounding when I take a walk ^^’
So what I did yesterday is take my usual walk, but mix it with the Wardrobe Method (I think).

Which means, I took my walk normally, but I placed pegs from 1 to 100 in the first 30 min of the 60 min walk.
I placed one Peg at every noticeable building / feature.
I only had to slow down or stop 3-4 times, when many interesting building were close together and I forgot the peg’s images.

On the 100th peg, I turned around and reviewed all of them.
I was quite pleased. Not only did I remember 98 of them, even after up to an hour, but I remembered details of almost every buildings like I never did before!

A few of the locations are mostly generic, but a few of them are like really clear pictures ;

  • A rusted gate with spiral stairs behind it.
  • 3 wooden balconies and stairs stacked between 2 apartments.
  • A cute little house between 2 massive appartments

I see those clearly because I’ve placed my Peg ( A person from my PAO, actually) and the uniqueness of the place helped me build an unique and emotive story.

Now, seeing a clear picture of the place in my head,
and knowing the order of it through the peg’s order,
I can take the time, all in my head, to place many Loci to each of these locations.

I still need to do some experiments with this technique:

  • Actually placing more Loci at each memorized house
  • Actually memorizing stuff on it
  • Doing more walks in the same way, would the Pegs mix themselves? Do I need more Pegs?
  • Try to memorize each house instead of just memorable ones
  • Add the street names and other names on the way there
  • Do the same with each shop of a shopping center