How I got sub 40s in 27 days

Edit: First title was “How I got 1min 38secs in Speed cards for only a week”

Hey guys. As far as you can see I’ve been here for two weeks and have a lot to learn yet. I already know the method of loci before so I didn’t had a hard time to practice this because 1 year ago I tried memorizing numbers but I’m not that diligent so I only did it for 3 days and stop without really memorizing the whole system. And now I become interested I again when I watch this guys memorizing cards so fast. He’s Alex Mullen… and I thought it was really cool and satisfying to watch. And I just thought of myself. Could I achieve this kind of memory if I didn’t stop the training 1 year ago. so I search about the memory systems.and I saw a bunch of different awesome system like Dominic system, Major system, PAO, Ben system, Simon and etc.

I also tried to build this system called Ben system and 3 digit major system when I saw a bunch of people that could memorize 300 digits in 5mins but got bored and discourage when I find it hard to build even though I know some sites that generate words for majors system… I am too lazy to build that big system I want something easy but powerful. I also tried this Dominic system and PAO Yeah its true that It’s really memorable but I got bored because I only see person doing some weird stuffs with objects. So I stop making these systems and by searching I accidentally saw this person using a very simple and easy system that could go on par with larger systems. He is Wang Feng. He is using a very small 2 digit system not using PA or PAO… his system is not really different with others in fact they are just the same because the idea is just to get an image for every single 2 digit. So I search about his records and saw that he could memorize a deck of cards in 24 secs that is insanely fast. Well, not as fast as Alex Mullen though. So I got hook by this simplicity and I built a 2 digit major system, 2 image per loci.

I am now practicing this so-called Speed Cards and the progress was not that bad but the first try was terrible… it was 15 mins. HAHA! So continue to practice it without really worrying about the speed. And by the time comes as I practice every day for 2-3 times every morning until this week. I got the speed of 1mins 38secs its insane to think that I really got this far so early. So lemme tell you the story.

Every morning after I eat breakfast I do these drills and really helped me out. I do 3 drills.

  1. I try to roll out the cards as fast as I can but consciously seeing the cards. Don’t try to visualize the image for that certain card. The purpose is to exercise and to warm up your mind, hands and eyes. Now I can do it for 13-14 secs.

  2. I try to visualize to images for that cards as fast as I can. The purpose is to easily see the combination of the images so you can easily imagine the combination when putting it to a locus and it should not be different from your normal speed. I can do it for 1min now.

  3. The third one is to Imagine your journey as fast as you can. The purpose is to ready your mind to easily put the image and to switch for that certain place or locus without a problem. It takes 10-12 secs since I have 26 loci for speed cards.

Hope that helps! And I’m open too for any critic and ADVICE as far as I know there are a bunch of people here that surpasses this speed. You can comment down below your techniques coz this forum is made to help out people not to ignore them. :slight_smile:


Leave out some tips here to help us beginners make our progress much faster or your opinion. If you know some drills add it here… it would be a big help! TIA

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That’s a great time. The world record used to be longer than 1:38.

Wow, I haven’t heard about that sir. Definitely a good news for me. Do you have any tips or advice sir?

Update for today. It seems that this drills are really helpful for me. I haven’t hit the plateau… rather I’m making progress every day.

This is my progress on July 01, 2018

This is update for June 29, 2018

Update for June 26

This update for June 25

Update for June 24

Update for June 24

Great work. You might want to read through the long discussion here – there are various tips from people:

Thanks Josh, I’m gonna join to that too. But I’ll continue to update my speed here too.

This is update for July 3 2018

1st attempt.

2nd attempt

Updates for July 4, 2018 no errors

Nice work! If you can get down below 42 seconds you’ll be matching the times of the top 100 competition scores. Have you tried memorizing cards on Memory League yet?

Thanks Josh! I’m gonna have to try that too if I can get in under 40s cuz I’m not very good in digital.

How do I change my username? I want to change it so other people can read mine.

Send me a message with your new username (or email [email protected]), and I’ll update it for you.

This is my first attempt for today with 2 errors. As I tell you Josh I’m not very good in Digital. It’s an android app

2nd attempt but in real cards now. No errors

3rd attempt real cards no errors

4th attempt with 2 errors. I switch 2 card because I’m trying to go as fast as I can and it put a little psychological effect. I see an image 2 times for assuming that the 2♥ is 2♦ because of the color. It’s both red.

5th attempt with no errors but unfortunately unlike the rest I miss 1 image. But I figured ut out where it should belong since thats the only image with no pair yet.

6th attempt with 6 errors. I totally forgot the images and tried to figure it out but I got nothing.

Note to myself: Eat before memorizing

Actually I made 7 attempts but I miss one card and didnt see because it stack under a card. I just realise that there are only 3 cards on the last part that should be 4 so I didnt count it. It should be at least under 1min. It would be a break for my 1 min barrier, what a pity I didnt make it.

I made an unusual practice for today, I normally practice 2-3 cards a day but there is something that made me want to do this.

This is the update for July 5, 2018.

Josh your site has a bug. I posted it July 5 but it says July 4. Also it just vanished withouth any reason.

I just FIXED it @Josh Cohen I think the reason why this website can’t post this comment is bcuz of the EMOTICON that I put here.

1st attempt I just broke to 1 min barrier. No error.

2nd attempt no error.

3rd attempt I don’t know how the heck that happen. 2nd & 3rd are exactly the same speed. no error

4th attempt, I dont know why I’m always getting error in this memory palace. I gotta fix it ASAP. 9 errors.

5th attempt. I just broke the record again. No error

6th attempt nothing special no error.

7th attempt. no error

Update for July 6, 2018