How good grades can an average student get with the use of memory techinques?


I’m starting college soon. In my previous school, I got average grades, but things like math and science and stuff was really hard. I really want to get good grades and make my overall stay easier

So, I’m wondering, how much can my grades improve with memory techniques? I am in the process of building my memory palace and learning other mnemonic techniques. If I put enough effort into it and learn to utilize them in the proper way, will my grades improve by a lot or just a bit?
However, I don’t want to spend all my time with school. I want to do other stuff as well, or I know I will just burn out.


If my success is any indication, then you can definitely get all A’s comfortably. The longer you use mnemonics, the easier and more effective they will be, but there is a learning curve that you’ll probably have to go through.


Sounds good. How long would it take me to be able to use them effectively? I am currently working on memory palace and the mnemonic major system, with more to come. I don’t know quite when I will start, but anywhere from a week to two months. Will two months be enough to build up the skill to use it effectively in class?

Also, what are some of your recommendations to get better grades with mnemonics? Which techniques would be good to learn?


You can use them effectively as soon as you learn them, but you are more likely to become proficient within a week or two’s time. When you first start using mnemonics instead of your natural memory, you may notice that using mnemonics is a lot harder. Don’t worry about this; your brain will get used to memorizing things mnemonically.

When you are reasonably proficient, there are a few pitfalls you want to avoid. Firstly, don’t try to memorize everything just because you can, especially when you are just starting out. If you try doing this as a beginner, you’ll be bogged down by all the details, and you won’t have time to memorize everything that you need to know. When just starting out, try to memorize the most salient points first before trying to memorize the more obscure details of the material.

Secondly, don’t beat yourself up if you forget your images. At some point, there is a very good chance that you will forget the images associated with the information. This is normal. Oftentimes, you will still be able to remember the information, but not the images. If you can’t remember the information when prompted, you probably just formed an image too quickly or it wasn’t sticky enough for you to encode the information properly.

Finally, always continue to hone your memory skills and continue to read about people’s different approaches to mnemonics. You won’t be able to use mnemonics to its full potential if you just read from one source. When you read from multiple sources, you may find a technique in there that helps you memorize better than your current technique, or certain concepts may finally click into place.

As for techniques you should learn, I think that you should read Harry Lorayne’s and Jerry Lucas’s book on mnemonics. In my opinion, it is the bible of memory techniques, and it will give you a good foundation from which to build off of. You can easily find it for free if you look it up. I’d link it here, but I’m not sure if that’s allowed since Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas are still alive.


hey im new to mnemonics,i just wanted to ask if i could top grades at school if i applied techniques