How fast you can iterate throught all 100 persons in your PAO?

As in topic, please turn on the timer and go from 0 to 100 in your had iterating ONLY persons.
and give your results. How fast did you get through it?
If you have more time you can measure this separately to objects and actions.



My maximum for persons was around 4 minutes. After a few weeks’ break, this time went down to 10 minutes lol. However, I still think that even 4 minutes is still a LOT of time to fly through them. How about you guys?

Currently ,

Under 1 min => for person because I made my pao just 1 week ago. So need more practice.

Under 25 sec - it takes me sub 15 sec to say all objects 00 to 99 (just name without imagined all objects)

If I try to imagine more clearly than my avg speed around 25 sec. (Sometimes 30 sec)

But in league match whenever I forgot my picture I went crazy slow for finding the remaining image because that time I have left lots of time.

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15 sec!
I don’t get it how do you have such quick access to it? while iterating through numbers you see the person?

In my case, I use the major system so I’m counting like

10- ts 11 tt 12 tn 13 tm 14 tr 15 tl 16 tj 17 tk 18 tf 19 tp 20 ns

then 2 these two letters are changing to words → then to pictures.
Actually, I’m annoyed that this is going so slow. And I created this system a while ago.

But actually iterating through the memory palace is crazy fast. I measured 50 items loci and it was like around 1 minute. so for 100, it would be 2 minutes but going to 1 minute or even lower seems to be possible.

Nah, I nothing do like this.

I just count the number from 0 to 99 just like regular numberes.
Like Zero, one , two, three, four… Ninety eight, ninety nine. (That’s my object system)

But for person I have letters too (but my letters isn’t based on major system, but little concept of major system.)

how many numbers you are memorizing in 60 sec btw?

Are you talking about a memory palace where you’ve stored your PAO or are you just comparing going through your PAO system versus going through a memory palace? You could just have a base memory palace where your PAO system “lives” in order to get faster and start skipping over all these translation steps from number to major to word to image.

Maybe this might interest you… I have seven smaller palaces where I store the 00-99 digits. Makes for a really fast review of the system… I’d say it takes about half a minute or so to go through all of them if you’re going for speed.

I didn’t tried 60 sec memorization currently so don’t know for sure.

The latter, going through an empty memory palace vs iterating through a major system.

30 seconds for 100 items is crazy fast. I need to admit.

You should have really high number of numbers that you can memorize in 60 seconds if you are recalling them so quickly. I hit a wall of 30 numbers in 60 seconds and I’m thinking this is the thing that is slowing me down.

30 digits is 5 chunks of 6, so you spend 12 seconds per location to place one PAO image. Why do you think it’s the getting the Person that is the issue? How about forming the compound P-A-O out of the 6 digits? What about placing the image in the location?

Not really, I have two Ps in the same location, so only 50 loci… means you got half a second per loci. Imagine you had to do a deck of cards and spent the first 26 seconds on only retrieving your images for the cards, not combining to a PAO image, nor storing the information in your memory palace yet. Not to mention the dexterity to manually move through a deck of cards. You wouldn’t be really that fast.

Yeah, that’s correct logic. I’m doing exactly like that and I’m using PAO. but the time of the operations is adding up. 1. Converting a number to an image, 2. then combining all 3 images into one image in the loci 3. moving to the next loci. = 12 sec for that operation.

Hmm, I think that in my case first step is the crucial one that is taking so much time.

2min 53sec for 00-99 for me. Saying the name of my number association in my head.
Quick question; do you have three separate associations for each number. That is a 00 person, a 00 action and a 00 object? I only have 1 major system association for each number eg snakes for 00. And I store 00 - 99 in a palace. Their location helps me more than their phonome. And I find picking up the image for each number too slow to use in remembering short term info in the course of conversations.

@Jacindie , I was trying to figure out how you put together your PAO system. Here’s a table of what I think is happening so far:

Person Action Object locus
00 ? ? snakes ?
01 ? ? ? ?

Could you fill in the rest of the table to help me understand? Thanks.

Yes, I did it :slight_smile: I have Person, Action, and Object for each number. I think the key is linking the shape of the number with the actual image. And looking for some similarities between numbers and the actual shape of the image to improve the speed of recalling an image. The key is to find something in the shape of a number that instantly brings you to the image and enhances that connection.
And having one image per one number is no shame and imo is actually a really good simpler system than PAO.

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