How fast do you memorize the numbers?

Hello. How fast do you memorize numbers and what system do you use to memorize numbers?

You should keep update your mind with daily numbers like check and cross check the number what you are using.

I mostly cross check the number like I remember any password So I would.

A typical 4 digit number takes me between 2 - 5 seconds.

I use my own system which converts all 0-9 and 00-99 digits into everyday objects/animals/etc. and doesn’t use phonetics. It can be used in any language.

What’s your goal in memorising numbers?

Currently I am up to 16 numbers per 60 seconds using a PAO. I noticed that my first training session will be the best and then they consistently drop, because I start confusing previous training sessions. Do you have any issues with that?

I use the phonetic system and use a thousand images for numbers…