How fast can you memorize a book?



How fast can you memorize a book? If you read and write and underline with a colored maker in 4 hours 110 pages. How long will it take me to memorize a book? I`m using the memory master software from pmemory and it takes me 20 seconds between number to get perfect results.

I need to become really fast like memorize 100 page in 1 -2 hours. How can i do that i have a medical final exam and about 1200 pages to memorize for that final exam.

Also, i want to memorize Robert Greene art of seduction 400 pages 48 laws of power 400 pages, the psychology of persuasion Cialdini, 50 proven ways to be more persuasive by Cialdini 280 pages. Joe Navaro what everybody is saying 168 pages, and a social psychology treaty of 1000 pages, Joseph Messinger and Caroline Messenger The definitive book of gestures 391 pages. And Paul Ekman unmasking the face 500 pages.

Thank you