How fast can you become at memorization with the method of loci?


Hi! I have a question to ask. How fast can the method of loci make you at memorizing information-dense material(for example history textbooks and vocabulary)? Can it beat verbal memorization(for me, verbal memorization is around 6x faster for a page of history than the method of loci). How fast have you become?
Thank you in advance!


It really comes down to how fast you can use the specific method or system. For example, vocabulary words will vary greatly because the definition might be complex which requires more work to create an image for it. At times, just repeating information may be faster but in the long run, you can remember more and for longer using memory techniques. It is hard to say how fast you can learn useful information because you really don’t test yourself on the material like you would cards or numbers. I would say just master the techniques and the speed will come with it.


(Silvio B.) #3

I agree with Johnny here. Learning something with rote memorization just to forget it a few weeks (or even days) after the exam is exactly what I have been doing for years in school. But now that I know memory techniques and especially the method of loci, I can learn things faster and still recall them after months. What has also proven to be very useful to me is that I can review what I’ve learned without having to have the books with me. When I’m on the train I can go through my memory palaces for the laws, cases, court decisions etc. that I have to learn. I have to admit that some material is a bit hard to learn with memory palaces but I got much faster with training. So for me personally, the method of loci saves me a lot of time in the long run.