How fast can a 2-digit system be?

Hi everyone ?

I’am currently using a 2 digit pao system to memorize numbers. I was wondering how fast can I expect to become with this 2 digit system ? Or should-I build my 3 digit system to hope getting very fast ?

For now, I’m not great Im 80 digits in 60 sec, I know I can do much better with my 2 digit system but I’d like just to know how far we can go with 2 digits

Thank you!


Zrzut ekranu 2021-01-26 170803
that fast. 11-12 is possible


14 sec with 2-digit-syst? What’s your pb for 5 and 15 min? :smiley:

I’m terrible in numbers events longer than 1 minute when images start to repeat. I try to use 3 - digit system for this but I’m still so slow.

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There are people who are really fast with both. I think it depends on several factors:
do you intend to use your system for long events (then 3 digits is definitely a +)
do you have time and energy to invest in a 3 digit system (it took me quite a while to get it done and it is still not perfect, although I know people who mastered their 3 digits system in a few months)

Whatever you decide with your system, bonne chance !


It really comes down to finding a system you like and how much you practice. There is not a system that will allow you to automatically go faster.

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There are some records with 2-digits (not PAO, one loci with 4 numbers , two images only) may be I can show you. Lujian Zou speed card 52 in 13.956 sec, 2017. Qinru Wei, 640 numbers in 5min.

Ok thank you guys for your answers !

To be honest I was surprised to see some numbers and speed you showed me. But clearly I didnt think about longer events and that 3-digit system can help me more.

I have energy to do it so I think I’ll finally build one for longer events but its nice to see the speed of a 2 digit system and for now, will keep this one.

thanks !

That is really great!

I believe in that score. What do you think about those who use 3 digit system, do you think that they are slower than 2- digit system in Visuall IMage creation?
( looking at the times)

I need 40 images to memorise while people with 3 - digit system need 27. Andrea did 80 in 9.75s. If he had to memorise 40 images then his time would be around 14,44s. This means my speed was even faster than Andrea.


That is an interessting point to notice.
Do you notice any clearly slower/weaker Visuall Images?

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can you explain? I’m not sure I understand

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