How Dominic learned 7500 Q&As??

In his book “Quantum Memory Power”, Dominic said that he had memorized 7500 answers in a couple of weeks, and in that chapter, he has discussed Mnemonics and Dominic System.

Now can anyone elaborate on the whole step by step process of how an individual can memorize this much Factual Q&As and hold it for a long term? I kinda need to do the same for my exams.

One way would be by using an SRS such as Anki. However, you could technically use the loci method, especially if there is a necessary order of questions and answers.

If one can encode thousands of PI numbers within hours,why can’t one encode thousands of “Trivia Questions And Answers” in a couple of weeks?

You need to learn and become master in the following areas:

  1. KeyWord method
  2. Memory Palace
  3. Converting abstract ideas/concepts into concrete images
  4. Major System/Dominic system
  5. Linking method
  6. Creativity
  7. Spaced Repetition

Bad idea if your exam is near! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the assist @elitely. I am trying to learn those step by step. Currently working on MP.

Can you tell me more about it?? This is new to me.


Please,read this article on “KeyWord Method”. KM is an important technique to know

Using the keyword method to learn vocabulary

Interestingly,KeyWord method is one of the scientifically proven techniques that is effective to memorize things! We can apply this technique to a lot of things!


sounds awesome! Thanks again