How do you memorize sounds and symbols?

(Leroy S) #1

Two questions.

  1. How do you memorize sounds i.e. the IPA sounds?
  2. How do you memorize abstract/foreign images and shapes i.e. Chinese Alphabet and IPA symbols.

I searched on the forum but I couldn’t find anything.
How you memorize the length, angle, curve, position, thickness, order, and the proper writing/sequence of each line that make up a symbol in Chinese or Japanese is something I haven’t been able to figure out.

(Paul Camacho) #2

Your brain automatically begins to hold data as soon as you experience it… It will hold it for about 5-7 until you either focus attention on something happening or you move on and take in new eperieces… One you focus in something for more then that 5-7 seconds the data become committee to long term memory depending on how much time you spending concemtrstiong on an experience and how you manage your thought of it… Im not an expert on acoustic but sensory perception requires repeat expeeoeces to gain quality of detail per memory… The more you can gain access to an experience… Hear something over and over… They higher the quality of your memory of it and the longer you remember it… Rehearsal is the most common effective technique to gain and enhance memory… Other wise concentration on something will burn it in as well… But to retain it completely you must review and maintain access to the ecperice or eventually the memory will fade away… People have been known to forget what there long lost relatives dead more then 60 years used to looked like or sounded like… Unless they habe photopgrahs or video recording too reference… Another common technique for commitimf things to memory is associating it to other experience or things you already know… You can cue w memory by assigning a phrase or word to help you remember it… I remember having trouble prounounfing the term “knot” when the teacher flash carded it… Is go through all the other words on the cards but get stuck on that word… After a few time I told my self to think of my shoe laces being in a knot when I see it next… I had more experienc saying the wore then recognizing its spelling it…that helper me to mememner it…

As for lettering… Your body has to lewrn cordinstion first whrich is insticuslly develobed and automatic learning process babies use… As a baby you spend many months figinure out to operate limbs and use them the same way… But. When you become accustom to how it feels to make a motion… You must rehearse memory of what the motion feels like … One you gain the feel for it… . Rehearse the motion trying to reproduce that same feeling of it over and over… But writing also require hand eye coordination… With how you see it marking on the page… Its very complex… But like all other memory… Rehearsal will get you to kewrn or commit to memeroy anything you want to spend the time to learn doing… Now if you want to understand how the memory process works from a biological standpoint… You goijgnto need to spine sometime stufyjng bioligy, chemistry and philosophy… Maybe even quantum mechanits or somee people thing spirituality… Becsise as of date … No one really knows we store memory… Where it is… Or how it edxists in the mind… You can’t locaste a cell in your body that you say holds in its structure or function the memory of something… But the chemistry seems to repeat have repeating psttern that seemed linked to what we think and remember… DNA seem to store the memory or is holds as part of its molefulsr structure they funftiins as a key and director or guides matter at the molecular level into motion and into pattern of that form other patterns sons so on… Kind of like a solid state progrsmed hard drive… But somehow every now and then it also changes or mutate due to some rare uncommon occurrences at the atomic level while managing to maintain the integrity of its structural function. So its like the ununiverse follow patterns started and created by by who know what and some developed into complex systems that became and formed into life and complex llife into DNA and memories from the patterns that DNA effect… Those pateens then formed patterns of awarnesss becoming sensory perception… But how the patterns actually save memory and then become conscious… Not to mention where it acttuslly exist phsycally… No one knows… Its still the dark ages… Its anyones guess… That’s why you have a hard time finding info online onhow its done… Hope that helps a little