How do you do an encore when you have too much mind palace?

It’s all in the title, I have too many mind palaces to review thanks to the forgetting curve but I don’t know how to do it, it’s going to take me too much time, do you have any tips?

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I’m not sure what you mean.

Do you mean you have too many palaces and it takes too long to review them, because you forgot what’s in them?

What I would suggest is write things down on paper (or type in a spreadsheet) to have a backup. So if you forget, you still have the list.

You can even use the list itself to remember where they are in the palace.

The review process can be bi-directional

  1. Read List Item from Paper → Remember Palace Location
  2. Remember Palace Location → Remember List Item from Paper

Nice to train with the paper list especially at first, because it’s like great training wheels to build up to no longer needing the list. If I go straight without any paper list, you might “strain your brain” trying to remember what you put in the locations. The list kind of helps with that frustration, to more sure-way reinforce the palace items before “going paperless” and avoid the chance of “brainstrain”. I think it’s more a consistent style of memorization to do multiple run-throughs reading the list to reduce the chance of having weak links later. I think it’s definitely worth the time to read the list several times in repetition, because forgetting or remembering slowly can really make you feel less confident or sad in general.

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Yes, that’s right, I have too many palates to revise and so I have trouble remembering where I put them

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And for other memorization techniques you also use the writing method to remember?

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Yeah, I like to repeat verbally and write them down. Combine repetition with memory palace.

Say + write + read + remember palace loci many times