How do we schedule matches for the Pan American Open 2021? And when do we get our pairings?

Question in topic title. @Josh

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  1. The pairings will, as far as I understand, be published before 5 April.

  2. Matches are to be scheduled between the players themselves.

  3. To my understanding, round 1 matches must be played until the end of 11 April UTC, round 2 matches until the end of 18 April UTC. Round 1 and 2 will have no arbiter supervision. Starting with round 3 (12 players left), arbiter supervision is needed. For that purpose, the arbiting team will publish in time before the start of round 3 (starts 19 April) an arbiter availability schedule. Players will still arrange the matches among themlseves but can only arrange matches at a time when an arbiter is available according to the schedule.