How do we keep our knowledge gained from school/college intact forever?

During college I had already forgot many things from school and while doing 3rd year, 1st year’s learning is becoming blurry… actually unused knowledge was declining for me…
So, I created memory palaces for different old subjects and visiting /recalling them weekly…but it’s not working that effectively because those subjects or rather chapters are rarely used…
But I have no problem recalling mathematics related subjects (e.g. Accounting, Costing, mathematics, physics etc) because at higher levels, all previously learned concepts are being used simultaneously…1 hard sum equals 12 concepts…


Can anyone have any suggestions for me as what to do and How??

I know Memory palace, Dominic system (all 0-99)
and Pegs.


There really isn’t a way to remember everything you learned from school. The amount of reviewing that it would take would not be worth it. People think memorization and reviewing are the most important things but what really matters and allows you to remember forever is application.

If you never apply the information you learned, then there really isn’t a point in learning it or retaining it since you don’t use it. If you want something long term, you need to apply the information because now it is actually useful to you.


The more creative your mind is, the more realistic memories from the past you will be able to regenerate. Using memory palaces will help for sure, but you will forget them as well as they are just spatial containers.

Being creative with the thought process is the key! If you are not creative, all school knowledge and college knowledge vanishes.


Connect, connect, connect.

Be like the spider that is stranding every strand with another.

The more everything integrates with everything else, the stronger the memories collectively become.

Meditate–think hard, reason from–the things that you have learned. Figure out how to use them. Apply them. Create from them. Gain a sense of judgment about them. Learn to pull from them as needed.

That will cement your memories wonderfully and fulfillingly.

Sticking the memory in your head is only the first part.


You need something like “the Zettelkasten method”!!! Get familiar with the idea of Zetterlakseten method,your life would change!

There are two types of mnemonics(according to the author of the book “mnemonology”):

  1. External mnemonics
  2. Internal mnemonics

Zettelkastan method works very nicely as an external mnemonic,whereas a Memory Palace is great as an internal mnemonic!

You need both types of mnemonics in life! Only one(ie,Memory Palace) will not satisfy you or make you progress in your knowledge development or creativity…


What you want is spaced repetition - you shouldn’t be reviewing every week, that’s why you’re forgetting things.

Start with this page, and Anki software. Figure out the repetition schedule / amount that works best for your brain. You can remember things permanently!


Thank You everyone for your sincere suggestions…it was very helpful for me and I’ll definitely try to follow those.


Recently I came across Ebbinghaus’s experiments - spaced repetition: the first - immediately after reading, the second - after 20 minutes, the third - after eight hours, the fourth - after a day and so on. Perhaps this scheme really works.