How do I memorize lecture notes?

Most of the time I try to understand my notes first and then put them into Anki. But I’m having a hard time recalling them, as I don’t know how to form pictures with dry information.

Take this as an example:
There are three major systems that have to be memorized. Each system has a goal, a description, and consists of pros/cons. How do I effectively learn them?

Normally, I just repeat them over and over until it somehow sticks. I also try to associate persons and actions to that information, but it doesn’t always work. Especially, when the information is just words linked together.

When I read something like “…planned, strategic and systematically tests”, I use an image for all three adjectives.

  1. planned = calendar
  2. strategic = emporer
  3. systematically = computer

But it doesn’t really help. I also don’t know how to integrate this kind of information in a memory palace. Do I set three locis for that one information?

Please let me know what your technique looks like.


I’d suggest, first off, that you use images to get you to the word, not the concept. The word will lead to the concept.

In other words use images to get you to the word planned, not the idea of planned.

It’s easy to see a calendar in your mind but will it link back to the word “planned”? Probably not.

Maybe use a plane crashing into the calendar. That would give you the letters p-l-a-n And maybe someone named Ed standing near it to give you the ‘ed’ ending.

You can use whatever images make sense to you to get to the word. And obviously use as many images as you need to.

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Using the images to lead you to a specific word, not to a vague concept, is a really helpful tip! Thanks @deeptravel!


Are you trying to memorize your lecture notes verbatim? If so that would waste your time on a massive scale.

Look up the “Feynmann Technique”, which basically means testing yourself by attempting to explain the concepts to yourself or an imaginary student.


Here’s a page about it:


If your only strategy is using a memory palace to store information in your mind ,then my friend you will be disappointed .At best your grades will improve slightly .
You need to use a memory palace as a starting point to store your information as a beginner . This technique needs to be used with other techniques to try to get the maximum grades; good note taking, spaced repetition ,active recalling ,testing your knowledge, chunking ,time management etc .
I have found that a memory palace is a good starting to store information but not a silver bullet for learning .


I will look into what you’ve mentioned. Thank you.

A friend of mine has memorized a 50-page document word by word and he aced the exam. I always thought it would be the best idea to know definitions and facts to the letter. I even remember being asked to explain a certain topic, while making use of eight terminus technicus.

But you’re definitely right. It only served me once and it’s only now that I realized how much I’ve been stressing myself and wasting my time. I will start to understand first and then try to use my very own words.

Thank you.

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Let us know of how you went during your uni semester
Good luck

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