How could I remember English terms using Portuguese phrases

I would like to know how I could remember terms in English “converting” their meaning to phases in Portuguese.

Like for example:
each = cada (from English to Portuguese)

In image could be:
“Há uma pessoa em CADA IATE”.

But translating into English looks like this:

“There is one person on EACH YACHT”.

But it doesn’t make much sense. Is there a way to do this with less difficulty in forming phrases that I could remember better?

If you are simply trying to learn vocabulary, then use flashcards with spaced repetition (e.g. Anki or Mnemosyne). This is super efficient and doesn’t require as much work to find rules for each word.

(Eu estou a aprender português (fico em Lisboa agora) e aprendi muitas palavras portugesas assim).

Mnemonics and memory palaces are especially useful for short-term memory and for longer-term sequential data.

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Thank you very much for your answer Daniel. But, I still have some doubts, I usually read e-books on the internet about Computing and they most of the time need a great understanding of several words in English, but most of the time in these books they have terms that I have never seen, for example:

In this text there are several terms that I still did not remember and that makes my reading progress very difficult, if I use an online translation tool the concept of the texts will be different, and not exactly as the creators of the books put for the reader to understand.

I usually try to use dynamic reading in these books, but when I try to remove subvocalization it ends up making reading comprehension difficult because English is not my main language, but Portuguese. I started using the Anki software method to memorize some terms in English, but many of them end up being forgotten and I start to confuse several words, for example, I confused “must” several times with “few” and its meaning is “many”.

I was told that using the Feynman method may be a good option, but since I don’t have English as my primary language, it would be difficult for me to translate the terms in my mind and then start to work out a self-explanation for myself, is it possible to explain myself by reading the books so that I can start extracting this content “converting it from short memory to long memory”? As an example, I have in mind to imagine a teacher explaining the texts of the books, but only in the form of “teaching” while I am reading them.