How can Memory Help you in playing video games?

I didnt know where else to put this. But since gaming has to do with computers and probably a lot of people like video games I said what the hell lets put it here.

How can memory help you in becoming better even professional in video games. I`m thinking games like Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and Dragon Ball it can help you if you memorize every fighter all of the commands and just do multiple commands and multiple hits and a group of fighting techniques? What do you guys think?

How good would that be how much could it impact your game on a 1-10 scale?

Also, Something which I have been trouble figuring out how can memory help you on games like League of Legends or World of Warcraft DOTA.

How can having a good memory help you you don`t need that much skill in that compared to something like Counter-Strike for example but what can you read what can you memorize where can you find books or stuff to stick in your mind so that you may become better on these games and be really good?



For me, I use memory techniques to help me in StarCraft 2. This game is fast pace and you need to know what build order you are doing. Building things at specific times is crucial and a single mess-up can make you lose. I have memorized build orders for the different races you can be. One thing I want to do is memorize variations depending on what the enemy is building. I could also memorize all the details to the units which would be useful to know the power of the army the enemy has.

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The games I play I have had long before memory training, so unsure what came first. A bit chicken and egg.

But the part I like to think has improved the most lately is the ability to somewhat play the game from the opponents side/view.
If there is any tactical value in a seemingly bad play by the opponent I feel like I catch that a lot better lately.

If opponent put something easily beaten on one side of the map/board perhaps I get a mental image of their army being ready to attack on the other side. If they make a weak attack against my base/city perhaps instead of the image of crushing that attack, which I would have if only considered my view, I instead get a stronger image that a fast attack of their base will be very good.

In short I would guess it perhaps let you play the games from both players side a bit better.

I learned memory techniques by playing games initially. So I have a lot of techniques related to so to say ‘innervating fine motor motions’ along with basic game principles.

It is absurdly important if you are serious about becoming one of the best players in almost any game.
In games like tekken and mortal kombat, dragon ball even smash bros. If you can memorize peoples habits completely and update to them in real-time you perform significantly better, you get an awareness of what they will do and you can read them much better. Your own motions become a lot less predictable and you become significantly less mindless. It is particularly crucial when you go beyond a level of simply being able to perform commands, since it becomes much more a game of prediction and active thinking. There are many other factors, such as adjusting your timing and rhythm along with more.

Some games have particular combinations people have spent in some cases over 3 years of time everyday to develop capability with. If you can do this in a single day, which indeed is the case when you know how things work, how you can get your body to memorize the key presses and execute them more efficiently, in that case, you then have a significant incomparable advantage over them in any game that requires skill. This applies to games like Counter-Strike too, if you know how you can develop your aim much more effectively you will perform better over time to someone else. In a lot of games, some people improve and stay there or regress never going above what they were prior because they 1. Do not know what they are doing(albeit they instinctively do), 2. Their skills regress (No real ideal of how to maintain or develop ability). In those two aspects, memory can definitely be a significant aid.

I don’t particularly play these, however if I approached them I would memorize the table of data regarding all particular numerical values (range of motion,damage,hp,speed,frames and so on). After this I would create a method to calculate precise ranges making use of time and train myself to spot them in match. This feat is akin to memorizing 3000 Chinese characters and learning to speak the language, just a bit heavier arithmetically. It takes a lot of memory, actively of current positions and practically to build the system.
In theory then I would not lose provided I could do the arithmetic quickly enough, and could monitor the map quickly enough and my team was cooperative enough compared to the opposition.