How can I memorize numbers faster?

I wonder how someone can memorize 1,000 digits in just one hour. I want to be able to do so, so I would like to know your memorization step-by-step to help me to increase my speed. I’ll explain mine to give you an idea, but let me explain my technique first:

I use a 00-99 Major System list, and all the people, objects, and actions are already well memorized. I use a variation of PAO: I imagine a person doing an action over or with an object, which does an action back over or with another object, and the locus ends with me doing another action with another object. This technique allows me to memorize 14 digits per locus.

I put the numbers I want to memorize in a word file; then I separate 14 digits. I read the first six digits two by two, and I create the first part of my image; after that, I read four more digits to create the second part; next I read the last four to create the ending scene. Finally, I usually review the locus just after memorizing it.

After memorizing 6 Loci, I review all the last 18 loci or all the previous ones if there aren’t 18 yet; I do this because I was forgetting the digits too fast. Doing this to memorize 504 digits takes me an average of 2 hours, which is quite long; I guess. What about you? What tips helped you to increase your average memorization speed? Any Advice for me specifically?



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Wow 504 digits! That’s very impressive. I’m really new to this, and only a system for cards so far. Since I’m new I don’t really have advice, but your system is interesting. 14 digits per location seem like quite a bit. I don’t think I’ve seen more than 6 so far, and maybe more if you stack two POA images per loci (giving 12 I guess). I like that you end up with less images/loci, but I suppose it’s a fair bit of effort making each image sticky in your mind. That’s awesome thanks for sharing!

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Using actions and liquid has helped me to increase my average memorisation speed for example an action of banging someone’s head with an object which a person usually bangs it with a pan and then imaging his head bursting/blasting with blood

I think that thinking of quick destructive actions that cause a liquid to come out really increased my memorization speed but only with the right liquid however I think that there are a few different liquids that can be used,

Or maybe you can perform an action with an object with a metal to another person/character or animal which causes a liquid to come out of it or you can simply change the metal of objects in your imagination, this can also be used for coding objects with catagories or other things,

And some liquids are

  1. Gold
  2. Acid
  3. Blood
    You can get the idea,

Credit to two forum members which are from this forum for two variations of memory techniques both of which I had combined just a few seconds ago,



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I think that voilent actions are more memorable and by using some methods which I have recently posted in this forum you can get good speeds.

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Thanks for your comments! I’ll get a read on it. What about the way you memorize? The more technical part, how do you do it?

Marcin Maskow Kowalczyk does 10 per loci and I also do 10 per loci


You can think of images or even actions that are more natural to you(personally) and which are good with the text which is encoded or being encoded as having both text and images that are good with each other will strengthen your memories(Ex-Your memory of the set of numbers which you are trying to memorize) as using more than one type of memory together boosts speed and recall(Ex- Emotional Memory and Visual Memory(Memory of the things that were said in a lecture which can be converted into a textual form) Verbal Memory and Textual Memory(The Memory of Texts),Spatial Memory and Visual Memory(Memory Palace)… etc.

And I think that this method works well for longer information,

When chunking people seperate the distance between chunks in a fixed format for numbers at least however @DanielTimmis(Sorry if this name is incorrect) A memory champion and a human calculator chunks numbers by the numbers or I think sets of numbers and Chunking numbers that way along with the distance with the numbers of the chunks based on the distance of the other chunks is extremely effective and with practice it can become Super Chunking(It also more than doubles your memory if you use the full potential of the human brain),

I think that most of the memory athletes do not use the full potential of their human brains when memorizing,A study was conducted which showed that when highly performant and average learners were given numbers to memorize the highly perforant learners memorized more information but they stored or encoded lesser information which was surprising but it might be because those people were either nearly expert learners or expert learners and their learning became automatic or nearly automatic but then they stopped improving because of that,they did not challange themselves and did things which they could had not done before when memorizing(or for another example-Writing with a non dominiant hand or brushing with that hand!), I think that this is one of the reasons which caused the areas of the brain responsible for memory and congnition to reduce their activity(because energy is a precious resourse and it was not so needed after learning and practicing The Memory Palace rigorously or not rigorously :slightly_frowning_face: ,

And because enegy is a precious resource and their brains must have thought it beneficial to become more efficient and our brains or in this case their brains also had the means to do so(They had learnt The Memory Palace and had also practiced it!),

People nowadays do the same with their spiatal and visual memory(I think not as much with their visual memory) and they really operate below capacity when using The Memory palace deliblately consiously and uncounsiously forgetting some details which may not be important then but will become important during our recall) and the same thing happens with our emotional memory we consiously forget the extra information on how people made us feel or the information which is not needed or we think we will not need but we can remember them without great difficulty and overtime this will happen on autopilot and will become effortless for us and will automatically improve the memory of a person who thinks that he or she has a poor memory and our overall memories(or memory) is better than we think,That person will be able to remember more emotional and spatial events I think that they need to pay attention,focus and create a need for remembering the spatial and emotional information(and check their memory in their visual,spatial… memory,The wording of the sentence in bold can be changed,thought and followed for the things that are effective for you personally and one or more extra words have been highlighted with the bold formatting to prevent you from making mistakes that will give you lesser gain than the correct implementation of the wording itself),


Have a Great Day.

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I’ve never thought about it. I’m going to use more than one type of memory to see how it works. Thank you sooo much!