how can i memorize a four textbook in one month?

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hello, I am wail and I new member of art of memory forum and also I’m a beginner, so I decided to take a single page (because I will memorize book page by page ) so I’m trying to understand this page by using Feynman technique and make it this page so simple and understandable and use my memory palace to remember all the pages I want to memorize 4 books
the books are:
1- Biology book, only important pages are 140 pages
2- chemistry book, only important pages is 130 pages
3- physics book, important pages are 80 pages
4- another book only important pages are 24 pages

the Total pages are 374 pages but I have tow problem of this tips
the first problem: how can I increase my memory palace so i can memorize every single page?
the second problem is: how can imagine information get it from Schedule, Forms, and Definition

I have maybe just one month 187 pages is ok but I want to know if I can to memorize this page in one month
actually, I didn’t need to memorize this in one month my

note: sorry about bad English grammar and Horrible writing skills


Instead of Looking at Pages
1.Look for No of Concepts to be done
2. Depends level of memorization required like are you required to memory word by word or Just keywords or Only concepts


Making multiple memory palaces would be a good start. I usually have a new palace for every book, usually with around 10 “rooms”, each with 15 loci. That is 150 loci per palace to play with. Also know that you don’t have to memorize every page, just the few important things on each page.

Try to summarize every paragraph in one sentence, that brings you closer to actually find what you have to put on your loci. Then all that remains is to decide on the images to place on the loci.

Write it down as short sentences first. If you figure out how to describe what you see, you can also turn it into images way easier.


Memorizing 4 books in a month is not a feat for a beginner, expect to exert a lot of concentrated time and effort if you’re serious. If you’re using the feyman technique, then chunk your understanding into bits of words, that’ll be easier to memorize.


374 pages is very doable in a month, I have had to do this in a day before.

In your case however you are using the Feynman technique, which in its own sense is a technique, I am not sure how it will work with a memory palace combined for you though I have tried this, in general the Feynman technique will imply you are going to take a while. Your work load is not that high It is probably reasonable to aim for 15 pages a day, if you do not get stuck , which you shouldn’t really using Feynman’s technique. Your scheduling seems really reasonable and doable.I can’t vouch precisely for your results but I can guarantee you that you can get it done if you don’t slack.

Increasing your memory palace count is not too difficult , you can do something that I do which is make my own or you can use a bunch of locations you have been to in the past, games generally work extremely well for palace count but less so on the memory.

I am not too sure what you are asking here but, I assume you are asking how you can visualize information in order to remember it for the cases of definitions and alike. If you are using the Feynman technique all the information you are dealing with will be extremely easy for you to understand, as such your visualization will be a very literal object to objects imply meaning. Though, if you want to learn these books in English, the Feynmann technique may also cause some issues. That is because your explanation will not be in context of the book but rather your perception and understanding of the theory. Exams generally aren’t friendly without keywords.


Wow, thats amazing.