How can I help my son a slow learner

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I live in HK. I have a six-year-old son who had meningitis a month after he was bone. There is a big water cyst in his brain. We found out he is a slower learner in school. He seems don’t have confident and very quiet in school. I just want to see if there is anything that can help him to improve and do better… So he can have more confidence and has a happier life.


I think mind mapping can help him to learn faster !!! i don’t know too much information about it but i know its very powerful method for kids i found for you a great lecture about it in TED


I really wish I could give a helpful answer.

In my opinion, I would explain concepts in simple terms being highly visual and using objects compared to writing concepts on paper where you can. I would research teaching methods that are used with children with learning disabilities or better yet getting in contact with teaching knowledge and ask for advice. Some memory techniques in this forum use visually engaging ways to link with information using the imagination. All the best

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thx fogelmemory. I will watch it.

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Tx Timtim. Do you have a book, video or something recommend so I can follow easier? Thx again