How are ML Int Names weighted? Country/Popularity?

In a previous discussion, there was a question of whether the new international names discipline on memory league would be weighted according to country. @Simon

Was a decision made or can anyone answer how Int Names and Names are weighted?

(1)Are they weighted according to population of country?
(2)Are they weighted according to popularity/commonality of the first name in real life. Ex: Kate occurs 100 times more often than Priscilla?

Thank you.


Hi @woodrow-m,

The names used for International Names are not weighted. We just combined all the names from all the languages we have, and every name has an equal chance of being chosen.

It’s not at all realistic, but we thought it would make a better competition discipline that way instead of having more common names come up most of the time.

For the non-international Names, the names are weighted so it’s more like meeting 30 random people in a country where that language is spoken.


Cool, thanks!

That’s why I’ll never like international Names unlike national Names. :slight_smile:

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The really question here is why would you make such an evil event!! aren’t names horrible enough without it being international names haha

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I personally think it’s important to have International names since memory is such an international sport! With USA names, English speakers have advantage. But both events are really interesting, useful and use different strategies! I know it feels tough lol, but just remember they could have done international first AND last! :v:

Now I’m curious about algorithms for other events… such as words.

Does the algorithm do any weighting? Maybe based on number of letters? Or maybe how frequently the word is used? Maybe they omit both the overly common words such as the, and, the, is, at , and also the very long ones? I haven’t done enough rounds to see a pattern yet.

@Simon Orton, is it possible that you have Latin script for the different kinds of Names Languages? I mean practicing Chinese names aint that fun without it…