Hour card and hour numbers

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In Hour Card and Hour numbers when do you start review? every 20 rows? or do you memorize all numbers and the review start in the last minutes? I m able in speed numbers but not in long event


Depends a bit on your system… in a two card system you have more unique images available as opposed to a single card PAO system. Same for 3-digit or 2-digit system in numbers.

What systems do you use for the two events?

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3 digit and mullen’s card system. But after 30 minutes i don’t remember all images in every locus. Do I have to revise, every 10 rows, numbers or cards or do i have revise in the last minutes (ex: the last 15 minutes)

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Mullen’ system for card and 3 digit system for numbers. In your opinion in 1 hour event how much time it need for memorisation and how much time to revise


Okay, so 2 card system and 3 digit numbers. You shouldn’t have the issue that PAO guys have where they can’t decide what person XYZ did, the 5th time they showed up during the 1 hour cards event.

Two ways to go about it:

  • make the images relate more to the loci itself
  • revise more in-between (like you suggest)

I used to do 3 decks and after the 3rd check 2 and 1; do 3 more and after the 6th check 5 and 4, etc. After 45 mins I’d use the remaining 15 mins to go over the whole thing. I was still using PAO at the time and haven’t competed since changing to 2 card system.

Personally, I found my strategy above too time wasting… more or less 1/3 to 1/2 of the time goes towards checking. That said though, I’d do one check about halfway and then at the end, rather than only at the end… to answer you question.

I’d still suggest though that you analyze why you’ve missed an image in a particular loci and improve on what made it not so memorable… was it the image itself, the association to the locus not strong enough, not enough training with just the route itself, other ambiguities. The more you can figure out about the issue, the better you’ll be able to place the images, the less you gotta worry about checking.

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Thanks!!! very clear