Hola desde España

Hello, my name is Fco. Jose, I’m from Spain 55 years old

I found out about you by searching the forums for information about the memory palaces

I have always been interested in these topics, but I have never developed them and I have never been able to find a practical use for them (I was stupid)

I want (need) to learn about 3000-4000 words in English (then in French) to be able to communicate fluently in both languages, and I want to do it in 2 months

But I always have one big question:

When it comes to memorizing vocabulary, most people on this forum tend to use Memory Palaces, with macro and micro stations associated with a vowel.
I understand these concepts, but what I haven’t managed to understand is how you relate the macro stations with micro stations to the different palaces and to the memories of all of them.
For example:
Letter P,(Peter) I remember his house and the road to it. Mentally I make a palace with 10 macro stations, but… I was a friend of 15 years ago, the memories are vague so how do I put the 5 micro stations? I don’t remember well if the bathroom was green or blue, so, thinking about the micro stations (of each Palace) ends up being a somewhat diffuse idea.

All this multiplied by 27 palaces or consonants of an alphabet

How do you solve it? As you insert micro-stations in macro-stations and in the different Palaces.
Thank you for your help.
I used Google translator

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Forget that for now and enjoy the fact that your L1 is Spanish… learn these 29 rules, which should give you about 1,000 words and then we can discuss memory palaces for the rest.


I have not idea why people use memory palaces to remember vocabulary but I would say that is the wrong way to learn it. If you want to memorize 3000 words then you need 3000 locations. I would stick the the story/link method where you connect the foreign word to your main language word


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Like Parkouristx mentioned, it’s often a linking or story method, but it depends on the person. You might be interested in these pages:

By “macro and micro stations”, do you mean something like the nested memory palace locations in Gavino’s Massive Memory Palace System?


Welcome to the site. I am a brasilian nember.

Yo no se si memorizar categoriamente lenguas que son proximas de lo Español es vantagioso. Puedes intentar aprender através de la leitura y escuta; y puedes memorizar una palavra solamiente quanto ella sea dificile para usted. Yo se español y no se si memorizar cerca de 1200 palabras em francês y italiano fue una buena cosa.

Bienvenido ! También soy de España !

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¡Ya somos tres! Pensaba que estaba solo. ¡Hola a todos!

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Hola, disculpa el no haberte contestado antes, no vi el saludo y suelo entrar poco.
Buenos dias.