History Dates


Hi, How to memorize history dates which is a 4 digit. As PAO system is for 6 digits. I tried 2 digits for a person - 1 digit for action - 1 digit for an object. Is that correct way?


I made,
18- Anna Wilson 5-Eating 4-Dog

But How to relate it with the statement?

My 3rd question is, “Person A fights with Person B in 1854”. How to include 1854 into this statement as well? Do 3 names confuse me?

(Pugna) #2

I only use person + action for dates. The year is always placed at the start of any statement so it’ll be Person-action for year, someone and someone fought. They’ve never conflicted since most of the time, the individuals aren’t in the 100 pao list.
When they are, there’s a lack of action/object from the list that goes along with the person so it’s clear that it isn’t a number. For miscellaneous numbers, I visual pegs like 2 for a swan.

In your eg, mine would be: Alfred Hitchcock limping (ted bundy) at a podium with a US flag passing a can (canned food but without the logo) to a zebra with an N sprayed on it’s body or the zebra might be wearing a bra on it’s knee.